Introducing COpA Certified Operational Accountant a Skill development program

Introducing COpA  - Certified Operational Accountant a Skill development program


Certified Operational Accountant (COPA) is a capsule course focused on equipping candidates on Finance, Taxation, Soft Skills and other related management topics. The objective of the course is to provide foundational and working knowledge to candidates as they step into takeover the corporate world. The course also refurbishes students with technical know-hows in the Finance domain.

While COPA may not be the course to deep dive into Finance and Management for knowledge, it certainly offers a compact understanding of relevant topics that are sure to benefit students. The 6 month, short term course also enthuses the candidates to join other advance courses like CMA,ACCA,CFA , FRM & CPA which are already offered by Mylogic.

When we look back at India's ancient history, it makes us so proud that we gave Takshashila to the world in the 5th Century. This was the first global University where students and scholars gathered to study and do research.

In ancient times, we gave the world scientist and scholars  like Aryabhatta,Varahira, Charaka, Madhavcharya and Patanjali.

In today’s time we have Indians who are heading global giants like Microsoft, Google, Adobe, PepsiCo and many more such dynamic IT companies. They are all prominent role models who play an impactful role in igniting the multitude of young minds in Indian.

It is imperative that the youth of today should arm themselves with skills and knowledge on a continuous basis. 

The new American President was all praise for Indian Americans and remarked that Indians are taking over USA!! 

The NEP announced recently also expounds a holistic approach to education by emphasizing on skilling from middle school level itself

Abraham Lincoln once said that if he has 6 hours to cut a tree, he will spend 4 hours to sharpen the axe. Hence, skilling and honing them are crucial for a successful career in the corporate world.

The pandemic has taught us that only the fittest will survive and therefore as Knowledge Warriors we must take immunity boosters by skilling ourselves or perish like Dinosaurs who could not adapt themselves to severe climate change.

In the same way, we should prepare and plan well so the road ahead is smooth and successful.

A big salute to the Founder CA Vinod Chandran, Prof SR Nair and all his Team for introducing such a unique course as COPA and hope this initiative is the driving force in the careers of many young graduates.

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