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GARP Is the World’s Leading Professional Organization for Risk Managers. Financial Risk Manager is offered by the Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP).

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FRM Part 1
FRM Part 1
FRM Part 2
FRM Part 2

Financial Risk Manager (FRM)

The FRM, Financial Risk Manager is offered by the Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP). MyLogicVideos is the official prep partner of GARP. FRM certification will help you stand out in the global marketplace because of your strong understanding of all risk management concepts in today's continually changing financial markets.

Why FRM Certification?

FRM certification gives a distinctive edge from the other risk professionals operating in the money and investment fields. The skills acquired by the candidate while pursuing the coveted certification program are invaluable. FRM training in India offered by MyLogicVideos, provides you with state of the art knowledge that is required in the work environment on a daily basis.

Benefits of FRM online classes and Certification:

  • Stand out to employers and set yourself apart
  • Advance your knowledge and proficiency
  • Be part of an exclusive group across the world
  • Demonstrate leadership at work
  • Confirm your achievements through real-world experience
  • Enrich your reputation
  • Develop your global networking connections
  • Rise in opportunities across the globe

Career prospects

  • Analytics Client Consultant 
  • Risk Management Analytics Consultant
  • Risk Manager, Personal Banking
  • Operational Risk Advisory, Oversight for Wealth Management and Manager
  • Senior Operational Risk Manager
  • Credit risk specialists
  • Operational risk analysts
  • Regulatory risk analysts
  • Enterprise Risk Manager

Eligibility & Steps for FRM USA Certification

FRM does not have the minimum eligibility criteria to write the exam. You can enroll for the course even as an undergraduate (Final Year of Graduation) and give the FRM Part 1 exam. However, you can take the FRM Part 2 exam only when you complete the FRM Part-1 exam.  

Step 1: Register for FRM Exam Part I
Step 2: Pass FRM Exam Part I
Step 3: Register for Part II
Step 4: Pass FRM Exam Part II
Step 5: Get Two Years of relevant Experience 
These are the first steps to start your FRM journey.
Note: After qualifying the exams, you need to complete the process of achieving your FRM certification within five years

Exam Structure:

Assessment of Key areas
No Of Questions & minimum score
Exam Months
Time & Slot
FRM Part 1
Understanding of the tools Quantitative Analysis, Fundamental Risk Management Concepts, Financial Markets and Products, and Valuation and Risk Models
100 multiple-choice questions - Required score 70%
May/ November
4hr Morning Slot
FRM Part 2
Applying the tools: Quantitative Analysis, Fundamental Risk Management Concepts, Financial Markets and Products, and Valuation and Risk Models
80 multiple-choice questions - Required score 70%
May/ November
4hr Morning Slot


MyLogic Videos Fees for FRM Coaching in India

FRM package
Fees in Indian Rupee + Taxes
FRM for Part 1 – MyLogic Live online classes@ 180 Hours | Softcopy material | 3000+ Practice questions | 4 mock tests
Rs 40000/-
FRM for Part 2 – Comprehensive Package includes videos, Study notes, Mock Exams, and Faculty Support
Rs 40000/-

Exam Fee Structure:

Enrolment Fee
Early (July 31)
Standard ( Aug31)
Late (Oct 15)
Part 1
USD 400
USD 425
USD 550
USD 725
Part 1
-USD 425
USD 550
USD 725
Part 2
-USD 350
USD 475
USD 650

MyLogicVideos – Analyst Prep Advantage

  • Study materials for FRM Coaching comprise of 1,000 pages of efficient summaries and 30 hours of video lectures, which allows you to pinpoint the necessary concept covered in the official  
  • GARP books
  • Video Lessons: Video lessons created based on the  exact curriculum track of FRM Exams
  • Practice Questions: MyLogicVideos offers 3,000 FRM Exam-style Practice Questions for students
  • Mock Exam: Analyst Prep’s mock exams for the FRM Program are based on past FRM Institute exams and are designed to conform to the current testing formula and level of difficulty.  Four FRM mock exams (in PDF format) written in the unique goal to simulate exam day replicating the level of difficulty of the actual exam
  • Faculty Support: Our instructors offer 24/7 study support by answering all of your questions on FRM training topics and exam
  • Our coverage: 1.5 Million Questions answered by our users
  • Students base: 25 Thousand Satisfied Customers

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Financial Risk Management course is a professional qualification for risk management professionals. The Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP) offers this international professional certification.

Clear both the FRM Exam Part I & Part II. FRM Exam Part II has to be cleared within 4 years of passing the FRM Exam Part I. Candidates are also required to have 2 years of professional full-time financial risk management work experience.

The FRM exam requires a lot of time to master. It is mostly quantitative in nature. More people fail part 1 than pass it and barely half of those who take part 2 pass it.


 Enrollment (USD)

 Early (USD)

 Standard (USD)

 Late (USD)

FRM Exam Part I





FRM Exam Part II 





In addition to this tutors, fees, and supplemental materials fees will be incurred.

The Part 1 of FRM is much more difficult than any of the CFA exams, while part 2 is considerably easier than any of the CFA exams.
FRM is very specific and deep dives into details; the calculations are also extremely intricate.

You can attempt an exam as many as you wish, although the exam can only be taken once per sitting. Exams are only allowed to undertake on scheduled dates.






FRM Exam Part I





FRM Exam Part II 





Yes you can. There is no minimum eligibility to register for exams, so you can pursue FRM along with your B.Com or even after your B.Com.

FRM is a highly coveted credential around the world. Large-scale risk management firms are the major employers of FRM professionals. However, one can also work as a freelance Financial Risk Manager too. It is common for major corporations and investment bankers to employ risk management firms for their FRM services. However, few of them also prefer having FRM professionals under their payroll. With FRM certification candidates can aim for positions like Operational risk analysts, Regulatory risk analysts, Risk Quantification Manager, Market risk specialist, Credit risk specialist, Enterprise Risk Manager, etc. FRM professionals enjoy high remuneration and other perks. Most of the job profiles require extensive traveling and high pressure working environment too. However, if finance is your passion and calculative risk-taking your specialty, then a career as an FRM professional can be highly rewarding for you.

No, it's better to have a graduation degree and a post graduation to do FRM.


  1. Risk analyst
  2. Risk manager
  3. Credit risk analyst
  4. Market risk analyst
  5. Regulatory risk analyst
  6. Operational risk manager
  7. Chief risk officer
For both parts, you need 200 -240 hours. It is important to invest these hours otherwise; the FRM exams are very difficult to pass. It is highly recommended to start studying as soon as you have registered.
Although GARP provides the study guide changes, this XLS actually analyzes all the changes in the learning objectives also. GARP does not make changes to the entire curriculum on a yearly basis.

There are 2 FRM exams (part 1 and part 2)

There are no eligibility requirements for appearing in the FRM exam. However, in order to become certified as a Financial Risk Manager, the following are required:

  1. Pass the FRM examination.
  2. Active fellow membership with the Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP).

The FRM exam is a two part examination consisting of a 4 hour multiple choice exam each

The passing score for the exam is estimated to be 70%

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