CMA USA or Certified Management Accountant course is a high end qualification for finance specialists. It offers reputable credentials in the management accounting and financial management space. Students strive to complete the course for this honor because it gives them the required proficiency required for financial planning, analysis, control, decision support, and trained ethics. It is a US based professional degree which is globally recognized and is given by the Institute of Management Accountants.

CMA Part 1
CMA Part 1
CMA Part 2
CMA Part 2
CMA USA Part 1 and 2
CMA USA Part 1 and 2

CMA USA Course Details

The subjects of CMA ,is divided into portions of Part 1 and part 2 which measure student’s knowledge and competency objectively in the management accounting field. All students who enroll for this reputed course are expected to gain conceptual understanding of the complete syllabus.

CMA USA Part 1 includes the following portions extensively -

  • External Financial Reporting and Decisions - 15%
  • Planning, Budgeting, and Forecasting - 20%
  • Performance Management - 20%
  • Cost Management - 15%
  • Internal Controls - 15%
  • Technology and Analytics - 15%

CMA USA Part 2 technically covers -

  • Financial Statement Analysis - 20%
  • Corporate Finance - 20%
  • Decision Analysis - 25%
  • Risk Management - 10%
  • Investment Decisions - 10%
  • Professional Ethics - 15%

CMA-Everything You Need to Know

Part 1: Financial Planning, Performance, and Analytics

This part helps students develop a conceptual foundation of each subject in the list mentioned above. It also ensures 100% coverage and helps in maintaining planning consistency. These portions are an aid for understanding the basics and advance levels of accounting concepts.

Part 2: Strategic Financial Management

Post implementation of policies and new changes , management becomes mandatory to keep thing sustainable in the professional environment. These subjects help identify implementation gaps and fill them up strategically.

Career Opportunities for CMA

Professionals who complete the CMA course unlock the store of international jobs very easily. CMA-USA professionals who specialize with required markings reach senior level roles in organizations. This course has demand across multiple industries like public and private businesses, not-for-profit institutions, academic organizations, Government entities the USA, and multinational companies globally. The course has high demand with more than 40000 CMA’s competing with 80000 + applicants in the pipeline. CMA-USA professionals get jobs as Private Accountant or PA , Cost Accountant or CA ,Industrial Accountant or Corporate Accountants etc.

CMA USA Course Advantages

CMA USA is in high demand both nationally and internationally due to multiple advantages -

  • It is backed by a highly reputed ,authorized and professional body.
  • In the coming years , the finance industry will grow and this degree will be a huge differentiator.
  • Professionally students get lucrative salary packages to work with.
  • It is equally competitive like ICWA in India.
  • The course duration is very short and can be completed quick.
  • You will never have the fear of becoming unstable with a professional degree like CMA USA.
  • This degree reflects credibility and you won’t have corporates doubting your resume.
  • It’s cost effective and a much upgraded version of finance knowledge which is in many ways better than a MBA.
  • The institute which bask this course ensures regular upgradation of the course so that students are on fast track with current market changes.
  • Stability is not a gift , it is earned and this course , is just a highway ticket to the entire journey. It of course makes things authentic with its presence , but it also makes you mettle and robust to take up challenges.You will need to work your way up if you wish to succeed.

Study Tips & Materials

It is important to decide on your preparation journey once you choose CMA USA. You should not spend too much time in market testing. CMA USA requires monetary and personal dedication investment. For helping you sail smooth , we have coupled up few study tips here-

1. Follow your learning style

You should never get into comparison when it comes to learning levels and speed. People have different learning methods which they are comfortable with. Understand if you are a visual learner, auditory learner or somebody who learns by practicing.

2. Pick a good preparation material

Good materials from reputed institutes help you in your preparation process. Dedicate planned hours and complete your syllabus. Pick only reputed institutions after checking their past student’s performance and reviews.

3. Take regular breaks

Do not get too overwhelmed with study pressure. Digest all you study with regular breaks which are required to keep you mentally healthy.

4.Partner with a study-buddy

Buddies help you jointly pursue your end goal. Break the monotony with a quick chat with them when it gets too boring.

5. Practice

Prioritize well and take regular mock tests so that you can time yourself and finish the paper correctly. Practicing helps you practically understand how do you perform under pressure.in this process you would be able to identify performance gaps and fill them up with required steps. Streamlining your preparation with smart moves is also important.

6. Finish easy topics

Working on your strengths give you confidence and finishing up easy topics help you release a part of pressure.

Must knows before you take the exam

There are few crucial points you need to keep in mind before appearing for CMA USA exams-

  • You need to score at least 50% in CMA Multiple choice section.
  • CMA examination questions have multiple patterns and types.
  • You get 30 minutes for each CMA exam section
  • CMA USA Examination questions are manually graded

Step to Becoming Certified Management Accountant

  • Fulfil educational requirements
  • Pay membership fees of IMA
  • Join CMA USA Program
  • Partner with our institute to get the review course material and tutorials
  • Register for CMA Exam
  • Pay the examination fees
  • Pass the examination
  • Fulfill your CMA work experience requirement
  • Comply with ethical standards & CPE
  • Clear dues if any and obtain your license


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