CMA USA Course

CMA USA is an advanced professional program in finance offered by Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) USA. IMA was established in 1919 and certification started in 1972 as on date the membership of CMA USA candidates is more than 1,40,000 span across 150+ countries, few of the highlights of CMA USA are narrated below.

  • CMA USA is a globally accepted qualification
  • CMA USA can be completed by just clearing 2 papers
  • CMA USA exams can be cleared in 8 months time.
  • Passing percentage of CMA USA is around 45% globally, however MyLogic has a passing percentage of more than 65% is internationally one of the best result for CMA USA
  • MyLogic's CMA USA students are placed in leading companies like Brittania, Capgemini, Accenture, IBM, HP, Wipro, Infosys, KPMG, EY, Deloite and so on.
  • CMA USA helps aspirants to make a Finance career across the globe
  • CMA USA exams are online
  • In CMA USA exams 75% of the questions are objective type
  • IMA helps students with scholarship for CMA USA program who meets the eligibility criteria

US CMA Certification will help you formulate robust financial strategies. Our CMA USA online classes are designed for students, accountants and finance professionals.

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CMA USA Eligibility

CMA USA certification is open to anyone with the qualification of class 12th or above. In other words, any candidate is eligible for pursuing CMA USA if he/she has a –

Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university (or)

Pursuing a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university

CMA USA is a short term course, hence it is highly recommended for graduates with work experience who are looking for a professional accounting certification which is accepted globally.

CMA USA Duration

IMA issues the CMA USA certificate only after candidates successfully meet all the minimum requirements. The ideal duration to complete the CMA USA course is 7–8 months only, which is far less compared to other management accountancy qualifications. However, duration will vary from person to person because it fully depends upon the candidate meeting all the requirements.

The basic requirements for CMA (USA) membership are:

IMA Membership

Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university

2 years of experience prior to or with-in 7 years of passing CMA USA exam

Passed both the parts of CMA USA Exams

Consequently, a working professional with 2 years of experience and Active IMA membership will get the certification by just clearing the exams.


MyLogic Training and Material Fees for CMA USA Program (Online Live Classes)

MyLogic Training Fees for 2 papers of CMA USA ₹80,000
Material Fees ($400) ₹30,000
Total Fees ₹1,10,000
GST @ 18% ₹19,800
Total Fees Including GST ₹1,29,800

Note: IMA Fees for CMA USA Program: Professional Fees: $1250 (Discount will be provided on professionals and students fees by IMA in each window, subject to IMAs discretion)

CMA USA Certification

CMA USA Certification is an advanced Accounting Certification offered by the IMA (Institute of Management Accountants). US CMA Certification will help you formulate robust financial strategies. Our CMA USA online classes are designed for students, accountants and finance professionals.

As a certified management accountant, you will be proficient in financial planning, analysis, control, decision support, and professional ethics. CMA USA certification will increase your value as a skillful and well-rounded professional and help you further your career in accounting.

We are based in Bangalore (India) and provide the best CMA USA coaching and study material in association with IMA.

CMA USA Career

A word from our Founder and Mentor

Ever wondered about the skills of a pilot who flies a fighter plane and the one who flies an airplane?

Well sounds poles apart, right?

Of Course, yes! For stakeholders to handle such excellent machinery, it is the presence of skills that drive their confidence. Similarly, for a business, it is the coating of fresh financial strategies that drives it in the right direction. US Certified Management Accountant certification enables you to build exceptional skills and that will help you achieve new heights in your business.

Opportunities after the CMA USA course with salary range & Job Roles

US CMA is a globally recognized qualification and will make you employable at different parts of the world across various industries.

Qualified CMAs (USA) are the first choice for many Big4s in India. Companies like Capgemini, Accenture, Amazon, etc are major recruiters for CMA USA professionals.

CMA USA certification gives confidence to the employers about a candidate’s financial and management skill, which will make you a preferred choice for employers worldwide. Some common job roles for CMA professionals are -

  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Financial Director
  • Finance Manager
  • Financial Analyst
  • Financial Risk Manager
  • Financial Controller
  • Cost Accountant
  • Cost Manager
  • Risk Analyst
  • Credit Analyst

The remuneration for CMA USA certified professionals is high, not just in India; CMAs are compensated substantially across the globe. IMA’s Global Salary Survey Report corroborates the same.

CMA USA Exam Detail with schedule

CMA USA has 2 part – CMA USA Part 1 and CMA USA Part 2, hence there are 2 Exams. The exam pattern for both are 75% objective (MCQs) and 25% subjective (i.e., essays)

IMA offers a 6 month testing time frame divided into 3 testing windows. The testing windows are Jan-Feb, May-June and Sep-Oct.

IMA also allows flexibility in scheduling the exams as per the candidate’s convenience within the mentioned testing windows (Jan-Feb, May-June, Sep-Oct).

The duration of the CMA USA exam is 4 Hours for CMA USA Part 1 &2 (3 hours for objective + 1 hour for essay questions).

CMA USA Exams are administered by Prometric with centers across the globe. Candidates are required to schedule their exams at least 72 hours prior. It is recommended to schedule the exam at best 4 weeks ahead.

CMA USA Modules

CMA USA is spread over 2 parts - CMA USA Part 1 and CMA USA Part 2. Candidates have to clear both parts for the CMA USA certification.

The main objective of CMA USA Part 1 and Part 2 put together is to measure a candidate’s knowledge and proficiency in the area of management accounting. It starts from an introductory knowledge of the subject matter to a thorough understanding of the same. Each level builds on the next level. Following are the three levels of coverage:

Level A ensures basic skill levels of knowledge and comprehension of the subject

Level B ensures that candidates are equipped with not only knowledge and comprehension but also application, and analysis.

Level C encompasses Level A & B and additionally it requires students to develop skill levels of synthesis, and evaluation.

Let's start CMA USA journey to make a successful career !

CMA USA Syllabus


We provide FREE Consultation session with experienced counselors. Our career counselors are always available over phone to help students decide if CMA USA is the right step in their career or answer any questions they have regarding CMA USA or MyLogic.

Our counselors are highly experienced on CMA USA program and have enable 1000+ students realize their full potential and achieve their ambition to become a certified CMA USA professional.

CMA USA Syllabus

Financial reporting

Financial Reporting

A person who drives the business has to be aware of their past, present, and prediction of their future financial condition. CMA USA training will teach skills by including rare traits. These are the traits that people take casually and end up facing huge impacts on their business. To avoid the never-ending loop, your company needs some smart moves. A blend of some basic accounting, principles, tax principles, and financial reporting skills through certification would be radical. A completely different insight and decision power come when you are aware of financial data. It includes financial summaries, statements, and disclosures. The way you will analyze this data will change, and you can sense future debt easily.

Planning and budgeting

Planning and budgeting

An organization without a budget is like you share your bank account but hold no control over the transactions. The budget decides the figures of profit present in the reports. Planning makes an organization ready for the risks and dilutes its effects. Our CMA USA coaching in Bangalore allows your innovation to roll around each corner of the business. Your learnings reach a different level when you get it from someone having experience and knows about the practical scenarios. Planning and budgeting are very different in practical situations. The CMA USA coaching in India we provide has a blend of possible scenarios and experience.

Performance management

Performance management

The performances of each asset in an organization have a direct link with earning profits in a business. This process comes across multiple times in a year. It helps stakeholders to stay up with all the financial updates. To be an expert, our Certified Management Accountant online live classes enable you to always make sure of every small thing which could disturb the performance. Our CMA training in Bangalore also enables you to update yourself by predicting the future aspects and learning about the past and present from someone who holds relevant experience.

Cost management

Cost management

In CMA USA part 1 certification, cost management alone holds 20% of the weightage. The reason being is the cost. Cost is always the soul of every business. The skills of a Certified Management Accountant certification holder always align with the transactional data. The movement of profits, according to the planning, is crucial. Estimation of cost as per the records and controlling expenses by the plan is essential. Attending our CMA USA live coaching classes for this certification can help you make better decisions for cost management.

Internal controls

Internal controls

The skills taught in CMA USA coaching covers a broad area of controls. The plan for risk management, compliance, audits, and governance is crucial for any enterprise. Inspections have two branches that are external and internal. It is essential to take care of the internal audits so that the operations could be more refined. The planning and actions should lie under the paths of risk management. Someone with experience of such things can always add value to your learning.

technology and analytics

Technology and Analytics

The world is running after analytics, because of the value it adds to the prediction. When we take out the report from the past and merge with the risk, then analytics come into action. Every enterprise looks for an Accountant whose analytical skills could support the prediction. Our CMA USA classes helps an individual in making predictions so that the preparation for the upcoming could be better.

financial statement analysis

Financial statement analysis

Financial statement analysis gives an organization a better view of the current and noncurrent assets, liabilities, and cost. The skills that an individual earns through our CMA online classes will help them analyze the actual and the projected cost.

corporate finance

Corporate finance

For every enterprise, it is essential to know the 'why' behind each report and predictions. With the best CMA USA coaching in Bangalore, you can present the long-term financial aspects which ultimately help in raising such financial skills in which you analyze the return and risk attached to it. Learning and practical scenarios help an individual to succeed in this career.

Decision analysis

Decision analysis

Every decision has an impact on the volume, budget, and financial condition of an enterprise. There are various ways of analyzing it, but as a certified accountant, you can present the best way of implementing any decision.

risk management

Risk management

It is an essential phase for any organization. There are several financial risks that can come across and bring the entire business down. in broader terms, there are three risks: Market risks, Credit risks, and Financing risks. Each of them includes proper guidance so that your knowledge could be useful in practical scenarios. Hence, our CMA USA Training in India and CMA USA online video lectures are administered by mentors having experience in such fields for a well-rounded learning experience.

Investment decisions

Investment decisions

There are several investments that an enterprise can make, and it can be new The accountant plays a vital role in presenting complete information in a much simpler and vivid format. In the examination for CMA certification, it holds 15 percent of the weightage.

Professional ethics

Professional ethics

Generally, people ignore this part for CMA certification but CMA USA training in India provided by MyLogicVideos emphasizes knowing the actual professional environment and ethics is essential. The update in your learning has to be fast, and a mentor having relevant experience can present it more vividly.


We provide FREE Consultation session with experienced counselors. Our career counselors are always available over phone to help students decide if CMA USA is the right step in their career or answer any questions they have regarding CMA USA or MyLogic.

Our counselors are highly experienced on CMA USA program and have enable 1000+ students realize their full potential and achieve their ambition to become a certified CMA USA professional.

CMA USA Subjects

CMA USA Subjects

financial statement analysis

Financial Statement Analysis - 20%

This section is more or less like CMA USA part 1 section A. However, this particular section focuses more on students being able to evaluate future prospects based on the learning from Section A CMA USA part 1 which focuses on evaluating past performance using financial statements

corporate finance

Corporate Finance - 20%

This is another section with a mix of conceptual and calculations based questions. The calculations in this section are simple and easy to do

Decision analysis

Decision Analysis - 25%

Decision making based on data analysis is the core of this section. It will equip students on being strong analytical management accountants

Risk management

Risk Management - 10%

This subject focuses on risk identification and assessment. It equips professionals and organizational managers to be able to asses and respond to risk efficiently. It mostly covers conceptual questions

Investment decision

Investment Decisions - 10%

This section will equip students to make good investment decision and choose the right investments for the organization

Professional ethics

Professional Ethics - 15%

This section covers IMA’s Statement of Ethical Standards, which are easy to understand. Students are required to memorize the standards and learn to apply them to practical business situations

Introduction About trainer

Vinod Chandran is a Chartered Accountant and certificate holder of specialized executive finance program from IIM, Lucknow. He started his professional career with Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd and played a pivotal role in pricing of many of the Helicopter projects and for finalization of major contracts under Ministry of Defence . Later on joined Capgemini, France at Top Management level. Vinod headed the commercial finance globally for tenure of 3 years. In addition, Vinod also handled the finance controller role of India operations of Century Link Technologies, USA.

Vinod is also an academician helped 1000s of students to become Professionals is a founder director of MyLogic, a leading finance professional training institution globally.


Brief about IMA

IMA® (Institute of Management Accountants) is the worldwide association of accountants and financial professionals in business. Founded in 1919, It is one of the largest and most respected associations focused exclusively on advancing the management accounting profession.

For nearly 100 years, IMA has been a champion of—and resource for—management accounting and financial professionals.

IMA’s Global Reach includes 150+ countries, and more than 300 professional and student chapters

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Why join us

MyLogic is the leading coaching institute for professional finance courses. With highly qualified and experienced trainers and industry professionals, MyLogic does not leave a leaf unturned in enabling students achieve their goal. Here are highlights about MyLogic -

  • 15 years’ experience in promoting CMA USA program
  • Largest Platinum partner in India
  • 1000s of students qualified and become well placed professionals at reputed corporates
  • Alumni network in leading global corporates
  • Hock International Study Materials recognized by IMA
  • High-Quality video recordings of the complete program
  • High-Quality Question banks developed internally by expert faculties
  • Over 2000 Practice Questions
  • Mock Exams
  • Faculty Support: Online and offline faculty support
why mylogic

Offline CMA USA Classes in Bangalore

Physical classes of CMA USA have benefitted several students. It is a simple training room setting with all essentials required for students to focus and learn with ease. However, physical classes were temporarily suspended on account of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Procedure to register Physical classes

  • Fill up the registration form
  • Make the payment
  • Access to the materials and videos along with Live Online classes
  • Later register with IMA for exam
  • Complete the MyLogic academic methodology to write the exam
  • Write the exams
  • Obtain certification

How to Join us

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Click on ‘Sign up’

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Create your own account with the necessary details.

Step 4

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About Course Material

We use Hock International Study material

Hock International is the Premier Educators for the CMA USA and CIA Exams

HOCK International Study Material is the Industry -

  • They have over 20 Years of Experience
  • They offer the most comprehensive materials
  • Support with dedicated experts to help you pass the exams on your first attempt
  • Unlimited Support with affordable material
  • Ideal for Busy Professionals – the study materials come with an online interactive study planner
  • Study Anytime, Anywhere with access to the materials on any of your electronic devices
  • They offer practice questions, mock exams and flash cards for smooth exam preparation

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why mylogic

Assignments & Exam Practice Sessions

Assignments and practice questions are incorporated in the training to help students get a comprehensive understanding of the concepts. MyLogic offers over 2000 practice questions which build confidence in the students and prepares them for the exam. Practice questions are the key to performing well in the exam.

What you get

Free Access to Online Mock Test, Question Papers, Alumni network, Interpersonal Skill development, Course Material, Profile Building

Access to Forum, Trending Topic Preparation, Quality Education, One 2 one doubt clearing session, Webinars.


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