Executive Education Program in
Analytics for Finance &
Accounting Professionals
IIM Lucknow and Wiley present
the only Executive Education Program to equip
F&A professionals with the ability to
use analytics across F&A value chain
Research shows that
Are you ready?
Finance 2020 —
Data is abundant in the F&A function, however there is
tomorrow's digital finance
considerable lag in transformational usage of data by F&A
organization—is a radical
departure from the status
professionals worldwide, and a key reason behind this is the
quo. It deals in analytics and
lack of analytical skills.
forward-looking decisions to
create value and manage risk.
Knowhow of use of data in various formats, beyond ledgers,
Source: Accenture
can help finance function evolve from being an enabler
function to a business partner role, by providing strategic
By 2020, finance staff will spend
insights which impact a business holistically, including sales,
more time—up from 25% to
75%—on decision support,
customers, vendors, supply chain and more.
predictive analytics and
performance management.
With appropriate use of data, F&A professionals can enhance
Source: Accenture
finance efficiency, scalability, agility, thus empowering
finance, tax, treasury and risk, contribute to sound planning
Accenture analysis shows that
and overall better performance of an organization.
by 2020, cross-functional integrated
teams will deliver 80 percent
This carefully designed program helps F&A professionals with
of traditional finance services.
the skills necessary that will elevate them as insight engines
Source: Accenture
for their business.
What is the IIM L-Wiley Program?
Developed by top faculty at IIML and Wiley along with the Wiley
Innovation Advisory Council (WIAC) members and leading
industry experts in emerging technologies, the 6-month
intensive program provides:
Ÿ An experiential and outcome based learning
approach, integrating concepts and their applications in
real-world contexts
Ÿ Exposure to various and most used analytics
Who is it For?
techniques and algorithms that can be applied in
The IIML-Wiley Program is designed for two
various F&A scenarios such as budgeting, planning,
separate categories:
optimization, predictive techniques, costing, risk,
Working Professionals in Finance &
fraud mitigation and forecasting, and to several real
Accounting who want to upskill their digital and
world business use cases
analytics skills and upgrade their careers
Ÿ Access to multiple case studies, projects, labwork
Final Year Students in finance and accounting
and exercises, with datasets and business scenarios, to
who want to kickstart their careers with new-
provide hands-on experience of working with analytics
age skill sets
Ÿ Understanding of how to improve operational
Preferred education background: CFA, CS, ICWA,
efficiencies and mitigate risks, detect fraud and
CPA, CA, MBA - Finance, M.Com/ B.Com, or
enhance revenues — using better data driven
For those without work experience, a foundation
The program integrates classes by:
course in F&A and analytics will be preferred.
Ÿ Esteemed IIML faculty
All selections will be based on eligibility criteria
Ÿ Expert Wiley faculty
and an entrance test.
Ÿ Masterclasses by top F&A and analytics experts of India
Ÿ Working with labs, various business cases and real-life
Program Outcome
Ÿ Competency to solve problems across F&A value chain with data and analytics
Ÿ Apply various analytics algorithms to improve predictions, optimizations, analysis and management
of risks, budgets and financial planning and fraud mitigation
Ÿ Get skilled in R to analyze small and large (unstructured) datasets to reveal patterns, derive and
communicate insights
Ÿ Evolve into a business partner role from a business support role
The Only Executive Education Program to Holistically Converge Data Analytics, Technology
and Domain Expertise for F&A Professionals of the Digital Economy.
Participant Outcome
Be a Leader and an Asset to your Organization with:
R, Tableau,
Power BI
Data Analytics Expertise
Mathematical and Statistical
techniques, exploratory analytics
techniques, Supervised and
Unsupervised Machine Learning
Business Expertise
Actionable analytics across F&A
value chain as business
partners, for growth, ROI and
efficiency via case studies and
Analytics Mindset
business scenarios
Transforming business
problems to analytics problems,
problem-solving and
critical thinking approach,
use analytics as growth drivers
About the Program
3 days immersion learning
Live Online Class Sessions by
Masterclasses by Top Industry Experts
at IIM Lucknow Campus
Top IIML and Wiley Faculty
and Thought Leaders Providing Exposure
to Actionable Analytics in F&A
Completely Hands-On Learning with
Online Courseware and eBooks
Labs, Case Studies and Project Work
Library from Wiley by Top Global Authors
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Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow
Certifies that
Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxx
has successfully completed
Executive Education Program in Analytics for
Finance & Accounting Professionals
held during
January 2020 - July 2020
Chairperson MDPIIM Lucknow
Program DirectorIIM Lucknow
Managing DirectorWiley India
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Joint Certification from IIML
and Wiley and IIML MDP Alumni Status
The Learning Experience
Immersion Learning at
Live Online Classes
Access to Wiley
IIML Campus
Learning Resources
Post immersion sessions, live
Program orientation and classes at IIM
online classes will be conducted
For reference, participants
Lucknow Campus for 1 day in Month 1 and
by IIML and Wiley faculty for 4
will have access to
2 days in Month 6 (total 3 days).
Hours Per Week. Classes will be
courseware including videos,
Participants will participate in sessions
conducted through technology
assessments and study
conducted by top faculty and F&A leaders
aided platform which allow
material on Wiley LMS.
at the IIML campus. Accommodation will be
interaction with the faculty.
Access to eBooks library by
provided during the immersion.
Wiley will also be included.
Labwork and Case Studies
Project Work, Action
Learning, Peer Learning
Following the pedagogy of hands-
The program provides deep
on learning, almost every session
exposure to actual industry
The experiential learning
will include labwork. Access to
applications of concepts through
methodology will include working on
Labs for hands on practice in
masterclasses conducted by Top
end to end business project across
using R, Tableau Public will be
Industry Experts and Thought
industry verticals, with mentorship
provided along with business
Leaders in areas of finance,
from faculty and industry experts.
cases and datasets. Masterclasses
accounting, risk and fraud. These
The program will provide
will include business cases.
also includes case studies and post
opportunity to work with peers from
class work.
varied backgrounds in teams.
Valediction Ceremony at IIM Lucknow Campus
Value Add of the Program
Benefits for participants:
Experience Learning from Top Class Faculty
Learning from and interaction with top business leaders of Wiley
Innovation Advisory Council in AI and Analytics
Hand-on and contextual learning through numerous labs, case
studies, and business scenarios from experts
Real world project work with mentors
World class global courseware from Wiley
Cross learning with experienced professionals from various
industries as peers
Joint Certification and MDP Alumni Status
Internal and external career opportunities
Benefits for organizations:
Participants exposed to actionable anaytics and data-driven
solutions to tackle various relevant business problems and
Participants develop an analytics mindset and are able to
identify and frame the right business problems for data-drivens
Participants are able to analyze and implement analytics within
the organizations’ existing business processes and enhance
efficiency and forecasts
Excellent opportunity to upskill potential employees to build
capabilities for digital economy
Program Curriculum
Module 1
Module 8
Analytics and the Changing
Impact of Future Technologies on F&A
F&A Landscape
Module 2
Capstone Project
Statistics for Business
and Presentation
Module 3
Case Studies Include
Application of Analytics in F&A
¬ Reporting of Data
¬ Forecasting Techniques
Module 4
¬ Optimization Techniques
Application of Analytics in
¬ Predictive Techniques
Financial Services
¬ Anomaly Detection in Invoicing
¬ Financial Forecasting
Module 5
¬ Risk Assessment
Using R for Analytics
¬ Product Costing Analysis
¬ Budgeting and Hypothesis Building
Module 6
¬ Payments and Lendings
Performing Advanced
¬ Insurance Analytics
Analytics Techniques
¬ Fraud Management/Policy Framing
Module 7
*The program curriculum is subject to change and the final
Data Visualization
curriculum will be available during the application process.
Key Information
Tenure of the program
6 months
Total course time
127 hours
Total teaching hours
117 hours (99 hours online + 18 hours in campus)
Per week duration of online classes
4 hours
Number of in-campus immersion sessions
3 days (months 1 and 6)
Venue for the immersion sessions
IIM Lucknow Campus
Project work duration
10 hours (month 6)
Masterclasses (by industry experts)
5+ sessions
Program fees
INR 1,40,000 plus GST
Alumni membership + Alumni fee (optional)
INR 10,000 plus GST
Program commencement:
08 February 2020
Program Directors
As per MHRD
NIRF 2019
Dr. Prakash Singh is a Professor of Banking at
Ranking #4
IIM Lucknow since 2006. He teaches courses
related to Commercial Banking, Risk
Management and Financing Start-ups. His
About IIM L
research interests include Performance and
Regulation of Banks, Risk Management in
The Indian Institute of Management
Financial Institutions, Microfinance, and
Lucknow (IIM L) is one of the premier
Valuation of Start-ups. His research
business schools in India. From the
contributions have been published in various
Dr. Prakash Singh
sprawling 185 acres campus, the Institute
peer reviewed journals. He also serves as
offers world-class education in major areas
Independent Director on the Board of NBFC-
Finance and Accounting
MFIs and also on advisory board of various
of management and provides an ambience
organizations. Earlier he has worked with
for genuine intellectual pursuit, excitement
Kotak Mahindra Finance Ltd (Now Kotak
and professional growth.
Bank) and Escorts Yamaha Motors Ltd. He
holds a PhD from BITS, Pilani.
The Institute’s carefully designed and high
impact Management Development
Dr Vikas Srivastava is an Associate Professor
Programmes train businesses leaders,
in the area of Finance and Accounts at IIM
senior executives, and practicing managers
Lucknow. He is an MBA, PhD and a visiting
from various sectors of the economy in all
Doctoral Fellow at the Helsinki School of
disciplines of management education and
Economics under a scholarship by the
thought. The Institute provides
European Union. His primary research areas
cooperation and support to Industry and
are Project Finance, Corporate Banking and
Credit Risk Management. He has conducted
the Government through its large number
numerous specialized training programs for
of prestigious Consulting Assignments and
Dr. Vikas Srivastava
Banks based in India, South Asia, Central
Research Projects. The Institute has
Finance and Accounting
Europe and Africa. He was also an Advisor to
Internationally acclaimed Postgraduate
Axis Bank Corporate Banking and Project
Programme in Management and Fellow
Finance Group. He has handled consulting
Program in Management known for its
assignments for IFC Washington and ADB
quality, rigor and global orientation.
Manila on Sustainable Lending, besides giving
consulting and training support to RBI, Large
Public Sector banks, Centre for Banking
Studies, Central Bank of Srilanka and
Bangladesh Bank. He has several publications
to his credit.
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