CMA USA Part 1 - Financial Planning, Performance, and Analytics

CMA USA has a total of two parts and in that Part 1 is Financial Reporting, Planning, Analytics, Performance, and Control.
This area covers concepts on budgeting, reporting, basics of costing, auditing, etc a student studying Part 1 should be familiar with the basic concepts in the aforesaid areas 

Details on the topic are given below 

Financial Reporting

A person who steers the business has to be conscious of their past, present, and prediction of their future financial circumstance. CMA USA training in India will teach skills by including unusual traits. These are the traits that people take casually and end up confronting huge effects on their business. Financial reporting deals primarily with the way the business is portrayed to different stakeholders. The topic is also known as external financial reporting. Reporting to shareholders, creditors, financial institutions, etc so that they could make decisions based on the reports provided by the organization. This topic was not part of CMA USA syllabus initially but has been included since 2017 

Planning and budgeting

An organization without an appropriation is like you share your bank account but clench no control over the transactions. The budget agrees on the figures of profit existing in the reports. Planning makes an institution ready for the hazards and dilutes its consequences. “A good plan is half work done”, no organization can’t survive without a proper budgeting mechanism and CMA USA planning and budgeting deals with different topics of budgeting aspects including the methods, the way it is prepared, etc 

Performance management

The performances of each aid in an institution have a direct link with receiving profits in a business. This topic is also known as Standard Costing wherein a Variance Analysis is performed between the actual and standard performances. This is one of the important tools to make corrective actions immediately after the operations are over. With the help of standard costing, we can analyze whether the organization is moving in an adverse or favorable position 

Cost management

In CMA USA tutoring for part 1 certification, expense management alone carries 20% of the weightage. The reason being is the cost. Expense is constantly the soul of every industry. Cost management syllabus deals with basics of costing topics like the classification of costing, absorption costing, Process costing, Joint products by-products, and so on. On completion of this topic, a student will have a fair idea on the basic costing concepts 

Internal controls

The abilities taught in CMA USA Coaching covers a wide area of custody. The plan for risk supervision, obedience, audits, and administration is crucial for any business. This topic gives a complete basic understanding of the internal control aspects that need to be maintained in an organization 

Technology and Analytics

The earth is running after analytics, because of the value it expands to the prediction. When we take out the summary from the history and merge with the danger, then analytics come into the effort. A basic introduction to Technology and Analytics is covered in this which will be laid the platform for higher studies in Financial Analytics 


  • Students from any part of the world can attend live lectures provided by renowned faculties.
  • The lectures are fully interactive and dynamic.
  • Online CMA USA students receive Wiley CMA Gold Review Course with the official IMA Learning System textbooks (eBook) and unlimited access to the Online Test Bank with additional questions and essays.
  • Students receive recording versions of each online live class after the class is over for their ease of revision.
  • Online Mock Tests after every chapter and at the end of each part are conducted.
  • Classes are scheduled keeping in mind the convenience of the majority of students, generally, 10 pm to 11 pm IST.
  • Attending classes from the comfort of home makes your learning process easy and hassle-free.
  • Online students receive equal admin supports from Logic as their classroom counterparts.
  • A Global Class provides you an exposure to the Finance Fraternity of the world and boosts your career profile manifold.

The CMA USA exam is organized into two parts, which can be taken in any order. Each exam part is four hours in length and includes 100 multiple-choice questions and two 30-minute essay questions.

* Candidates must register to take one exam part within the first 12 months of entering the program and must complete both exam parts within three years.

  1. Financial-statement-analysis 
  2. Corporate-finance 
  3. Decision-analysis 
  4. Risk-management 
  5. Investment-decisions
  6. Professional-ethics 
Rs. 25000 Rs. 30000

Course Includes

    1. Financial-statement-analysis 
    2. Corporate-finance 
    3. Decision-analysis 
    4. Risk-management 
    5. Investment-decisions
    6. Professional-ethics 
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