CMA USA Part 2

The CMA USA syllabus is full of knowledge and is designed to build up financially strong students. It is created in a robust manner to specifically validate the mastery of advanced skills which are vital to manage and control the finance functions of organizations. It enables students to deliver mettle solutions in a complex business environment. Due to their strong conceptual and practical knowledge, CMA USA professionals play an evident and integral role in the strategic decision-making process. Both CMA USA Part 1 and part 2 portions are planned to deliver value to professionals through knowledge-rich chapters and information required for practical practice.

CMA USA Part 2 revolves around financial decision making in the corporates. CMA USA Part 2 technically covers the below portions- 
  • Financial Statement Analysis - 20%
  • Corporate Finance - 20%
  • Decision Analysis - 25%
  • Risk Management - 10%
  • Investment Decisions - 10%
  • Professional Ethics - 15%
Ideally, a CMA certification allows students to enjoy multiple carrier opportunities. CMA opens up a chance of having a highly rewarding career in the corporate world. Organizations recognize CMA professionals and they are considered to have strong core finance knowledge. CMA’s are highly skilled in practical applications in the financial and accounting domain. Also, finance is an evergreen field and the demand for CMA’s is evolving positively. CMA’s grow profoundly in the corporate jungle in terms of compensation and role. Thus, CMA aspirants can be assured that their invested time and energy for completing the CMA course would bag them rich dividends for a stable life.

Top Tips to prepare for your CMA USA Part 2 examinations are – 

  • Stay focused and patient by maintaining a study schedule.
  • Always organize and plan your study potions beforehand.
  • Stay consistent in your preparation and keep referring to your schedule in case you ever go off track.
  • Always keep a wide window of revisions. Underestimating the power of revisions is a very unsmart thing to do. Make sure you revise, revisit, and refresh every portion you have learned up. It helps you sync in all information you have learned logically in your mind.


  • Students from any part of the world can attend live lectures provided by renowned faculties.
  • The lectures are fully interactive and dynamic.
  • Online CMA USA students receive Wiley CMA Gold Review Course with the official IMA Learning System textbooks (eBook) and unlimited access to the Online Test Bank with additional questions and essays.
  • Students receive recording versions of each online live class after the class is over for their ease of revision.
  • Online Mock Tests after every chapter and at the end of each part are conducted.
  • Classes are scheduled keeping in mind the convenience of the majority of students, generally, 10 pm to 11 pm IST.
  • Attending classes from the comfort of home makes your learning process easy and hassle-free.
  • Online students receive equal admin supports from Logic as their classroom counterparts.
  • A Global Class provides you an exposure to the Finance Fraternity of the world and boosts your career profile manifold.

The CMA USA exam is organized into two parts, which can be taken in any order. Each exam part is four hours in length and includes 100 multiple-choice questions and two 30-minute essay questions.

* Candidates must register to take one exam part within the first 12 months of entering the program and must complete both exam parts within three years.

  1. Financial-statement-analysis 
  2. Corporate-finance 
  3. Decision-analysis 
  4. Risk-management 
  5. Investment-decisions
  6. Professional-ethics 
Rs. 29500 Rs. 35400

Course Includes

    1. Financial-statement-analysis 
    2. Corporate-finance 
    3. Decision-analysis 
    4. Risk-management 
    5. Investment-decisions
    6. Professional-ethics 
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