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MyLogic Business Management School, ACCA official partner offers Self Learning Program for all levels of ACCA papers .

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Business and Technology (BT)
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Management Accounting (MA)
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Financial Accounting (FA)
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Corporate and Business Law (LW)
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Financial Reporting (FR)
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Audit and Assurance (AA)
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Strategic Business Reporting (SBR)
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Strategic Business Leader (SBL)
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Advanced Financial Management (AFM)
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Advanced Performance Management (APM)
Advanced Audit and Assurance (AAA)
Advanced Audit and Assurance (AAA)

Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA)

MyLogic Business Management School, is a Recognised ACCA Approved Silver Learning Partner.

The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, is a long standing professional accounting body of credit and recognition. The ‘Chartered Certified Accountant’ Qualification, more popularly recognised as the ACCA Qualification, is one of the most sought-after professional courses owing to its global recognition, prestige and value.

The ACCA Qualification requires the completion of 13 examinations, three years of supervised, relevant practical work experience, and the completion of an Ethics Module. Upon completion of all of these, a student receives the Prestigious ACCA Membership.

MyLogicVideos helps you achieve this dream, by offering effective ACCA online classes and ACCA coaching in Bangalore, India.

ACCA Qualification: Eligibility

ACCA Qualification is not only limited to graduates or professionals. The minimum eligibility is class X pass (in India). Therefore, with ACCA training in Bangalore, you can stay well ahead of your peers.

Additionally, candidates with higher qualifications will get exemptions for various papers depending upon their qualifications.

As an ACCA Recognised Silver Learning Partner, MyLogic has a team of exceptional faculty offering a very focused, exam-oriented training in India.

Our Trainers have an abundance of industry experience and knowledge to be able to guide students at different levels of the course. Further our own in-house exam simulation facility and question banks keep our students well prepared to tackle the ACCA Qualification

To know further about the eligibility criteria pls check : ACCA Exemption Calculator

Highlights of the ACCA Qualification

  • Minimum Eligibility- Class 10 pass (Graduation or any further studies are not mandatory)
  • Online exams with Exam centers across the globe.
  • Global acceptance and validity.
  • Pass mark is 50%.
  • Every paper is valued individually, no aggregate system
  • 7 years to complete the exams, once you enter professional level papers
  • Pre or Post qualifying experiences are valid
  • With the support and flexibility offered by MyLogic, you can prepare for the exams from any part of the world, at your own pace & comfort

   connect to ACCA  @ACCA Connect, 110 Queen Street, Glasgow G1 3BX, United Kingdom T: +44 (0)141 582 2000 E: [email protected]

ACCA Course Structure

3 Levels (Applied Knowledge, Applied Skills, and Professional)

Applied Knowledge/FIA:- 3 papers

Applied Skills:- 6 papers

Professional:- 4 papers split into:

  • Essential- 2 papers
  • Options (2 out of 4 papers)

ACCA Exams

All 13 exams are Computer Based Exams (CBEs) hence, ACCA Training by MyLogic is tailored to equip candidates to conquer them with flair.

Applied Knowledge:

  • Mix of Multiple Choice/Multiple Task Questions
  • Duration: 2 hours

Applied Skills:

  • Mix of Multiple Choice Questions, Scenario Questions and Long Answer Questions
  • Duration: 3 hours and 15 minutes


  • Professional Level papers usually have case study/scenario based descriptive type of questions
  • Duration: 3 hours and 15 minutes

ACCA Coaching at MyLogic

MyLogic offers well crafted & interactive ACCA coaching that covers the above-mentioned subjects in detail with adequate practice of exam standard questions.

Currently, we offer two kinds of coaching- ACCA Live Online Classes and a Self-Learning Platform(SLP) to suit students per their requirements and timings.

The Live ACCA Classes are held on a schedule that averages 60 LIVE coaching hours for the Applied Knowledge papers and 75+ hours for the other papers. Our reputed and highly experienced faculty offer student centric ACCA Coaching using ACCA Approved Publisher’s Materials

The Self-Learning Platform is an initiative by MyLogic in partnership with ExP,Uk, to support working professionals and college students who may find it difficult to attend Live classes. Under this method, we offer pre-recorded videos and an interactive Dashboard, that helps plan and measure progress towards completion of each paper. Further, we offer a ‘tutor-on-call’ facility for the students to clarify their doubts from our Faculty Team.

MyLogic’s ACCA training is built to help candidates excel in their exams. The well-rounded approach applied by our team, simplifies and makes it easy to break down the complexities of ACCA exams.

Highlights of ACCA LIVE at MyLogic:

  • MyLogic is a Silver Approved Learning Partner of ACCA– this means you get to learn from an ACCA Accredited Learning Provider!
  • Access to Approved Study Materials
  • Monthly Mentoring Sessions
  • Expert, Qualified Faculty with Industrial Experience
  • Intensive Live classes – 3 days in a week
  • Recordings of Live Classes for Review and Practice
  • Weekly Practice Sessions/ Tests (Topic – Specific)
  • Final Mock Tests at the end of session
  • Student Progress Monitoring
  • Tutor-On-Call Facility & Bi-Monthly Follow Up by Co-Ordinator

Highlights of ACCA Self-Learning Platform at MyLogic :

  • MyLogic is in partnership with Exp Group (UK), another ACCA recognised Learning Provider
  • Access to Approved Study Materials
  • Interactive videos with Exam-oriented content
  • 7 layer learning system
  • Intensive Practice sessions- topic wise
  • Interactive Dashboard with study Progress
  • Unique Study Planner to plan preparation
  • Final Mock Tests at the end of session
  • Tutor-On-Call Facility & Bi-Monthly Follow Up by Co-Ordinator

Do you want to take a sneak peak at our ACCA Classes?

If you want a Demo of our Live Classes: Please contact our Senior Academic Counsellor at +91 81474 93727 / +91 9008413042

If you require a Demo of our Self-Learning Platform, please scroll the page and click on ‘1 week free Demo ACCA’ or alternatively, chat with our Interactive Assistant on the page for our team to get in touch with you!

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

The ACCA Qualification is offered globally by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountant, the UK founded in 1904. ACCA aims to offer a rewarding career in accountancy, finance, and management aligned to the needs of employers in all sectors and ACCA ensures that, through their qualifications, they prepare accountants for business.

Length/Duration of ACCA is not fixed, it varies from candidate to candidate. But, for an average candidate with minimum eligibility can complete ACCA within 3 years.

Yes, the candidate should have a minimum age of 16.

Class 12 is the minimum eligibility. Candidates with higher qualifications will get exemptions for various papers based on their syllabus.

We have multiple options to learn ACCA. 
  1. Conventional classroom classes.
  2. Live online classes.
  3. Self-Learning platforms like

Yes, you can study online. Platinum providers like Logic have both online and offline classes.

The minimum eligibility is class 12. Candidates with higher qualifications will get exemptions for various papers/levels depending upon their syllabus.

Yes, the fastest duration possible to complete ACCA is 2 years.

With proper study plan, hard work, determination along with the support of a good provider like Logic will make your journey of ACCA easier and smoother.

You can either study in institutions like LOGIC or you can use self-learning platforms like to study online where you will be able to study with virtual reality.

Only by gaining the concept clarity, a maximum number of practice sessions, and mock exams will lead you to clear ACCA exams in the first attempt.

Each exam consists of 3 hours duration.

You could, therefore, complete all the exams in 2 years. However, you also need 3 years of practical experience to become a member of the ACCA professional body.

ACCA appears a lot easier than compared to CFA qualifications. While CFA level 1 and CFA 2 exams have pass rates of 37%, the 13 core ACCA papers have pass rates ranging from 32% to as high as 65%.

In a year, ACCA runs 4 exam sittings allowing students to take a maximum of 8 papers. Therefore, the fastest duration possible to complete ACCA is 2 years.

There are no restrictions in the number of attempts, so definitely the candidate who fails can easily prepare well and clear it by the next window.

40-50%. The average passing percentage for the ACCA exam is 40-50%.

Initial Registration


Exemption fees for Applied Knowledge Exams


Exemption fees for Applied Skill Exams


Exam Fees – Applied Knowledge 


Exam Fees – Applied Skill


Ethics and Professional Skills Model


Strategic Business Leader


Strategic Business Reporting


Strategic Professional


The number of papers to complete to become qualified also varies from candidate to candidate. A candidate with just minimum eligibility has to clear 13 papers whereas candidates with higher qualifications are eligible for exemptions.

Any student that wishes to make a complaint to ACCA regarding your institution will be advised to follow your institution’s complaints procedure first. If the complaint is not handled to their satisfaction, the student then has the option to escalate their complaint to ACCA. If a student has exhausted both your complaints process and ACCA’s, they can escalate to the appropriate regulator. Details of which can be found on the ACCA website at the following link:

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