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MyLogic Business Management School, in partnership with Exp UK offers ACCA Training in India.

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Accountant in Business (AB)
Accountant in Business (AB)
Management Accounting (MA)
Management Accounting (MA)
Financial Accounting (FA)
Financial Accounting (FA)
Corporate and Business Law (LW)
Corporate and Business Law (LW)
Performance Management (PM)
Performance Management (PM)
Taxation (TX)
Taxation (TX)
Financial Reporting (FR)
Financial Reporting (FR)
Audit and Assurance (AA)
Audit and Assurance (AA)
Financial Management (FM)
Financial Management (FM)
Strategic Business Reporting (SBR)
Strategic Business Reporting (SBR)
Strategic Business Leader (SBL)
Strategic Business Leader (SBL)
Advanced Financial Management (AFM)
Advanced Financial Management (AFM)
Advanced Performance Management (APM)
Advanced Performance Management (APM)
Advanced Audit and Assurance (AAA)
Advanced Audit and Assurance (AAA)

Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA)

MyLogic Business Management School, in partnership with Exp UK offers ACCA Training in India.

ACCA certification is the key and topmost qualification of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, a professional body. The certification requires the completion of up to 13 professional examinations, three years of supervised, relevant accounting experience, and an ethics module. After the ACCA training and certificate, you become a Chartered Certified Accountant. MyLogicVideos will be at the forefront with you offering effective ACCA online classes and  ACCA coaching in Bangalore, India to help achieve your goals.

ACCA Certification Eligibility

ACCA certification is not limited to graduates. The minimum eligibility is class 12. Therefore with  ACCA training in Bangalore, you can be ahead of your peers.
Additionally, candidates with higher qualifications will get exemptions for various papers depending upon their syllabus. 

ACCA papers in details

We have exceptional faculty and trainers to offer  ACCA coaching in Bangalore India. They have an abundance of industry experience and knowledge to be able to guide students with both papers of applied skills and knowledge.  

2 Levels (Fundamental and Professional)

  • 9 Papers for Fundamental
  • 4 Papers for Professional

Fundamental has 2 Sections:-

  • Applied Knowledge
  • Applied Skills

Professional has 2 Sections:-

  • Essential
  • Options (2 out of 4) 

Highlights of the ACCA Online Classes 

  • Class 12 is the minimum eligibility.
  • Graduation or any further studies are not mandatory.
  • Online exams
  • Exam centers across the globe.
  • Global acceptance and validity.
  • The pass mark is 50%.
  • The ACCA full Professional qualification is regarded as the equivalent of a taught UK master's degree by the UK NARIC and Department for Education. 
  • 10 years to complete the exams.
  • Pre or Post qualifying experiences are valid.

All 13 ACCA Papers taught in ACCA training

Accountant in Business (AB) – This paper cover details like various roles, duties, and responsibilities of an accountant in the different business segment.

Management Accounting (MA) – MA covers different types of costing strategies, decision-making techniques, monitoring roles, etc by a management accountant in an organization

Financial Accounting (FA) - The syllabus for Financial Accounting (FA)/FFA introduces the candidate to the fundamentals of the regulatory framework relating to accounts preparation and the qualitative characteristics of useful information.

Corporate and Business Law (LW) - This paper aims to advance your knowledge and skills in the understanding of the general legal framework, and specific legal areas for business, identifying the need to seek further specialist legal advice where necessary.

Performance Management (PM) – This subject is focused on the application of management accounting techniques to quantitative and qualitative information for planning, decision making, performance evaluation, and control.

Taxation (TX) - The paper covers knowledge and skills about the tax system that applies to individuals, single companies, and groups of companies.

Financial Reporting (FR) – This paper increase covers accounting standards and the theoretical framework in the preparation of financial statements of entities, including groups. It also helps candidates learn to analyze and interpret those financial statements.

Audit and Assurance (AA) - The syllabus includes the nature, purpose, and scope of assurance engagements. It also covers the statutory audit, its regulatory environment, and introduces governance & professional ethics relating to audit and assurance.

Financial Management (FM) – This subject helps candidates nurture the skills expected of a finance manager when it comes to investment, financing, and dividend policy decisions.

Strategic Business Reporting (SBR) – This paper deals with discussing, applying, and evaluating concepts, principles, and practices that are involved in preparing and interpreting corporate reports in various contexts.

Strategic Business Leader (SBL) – This subject guides students in the area of organizational leadership and senior consultancy or advisory capabilities and other relevant professional skills, with the help of an integrated case study.

Advanced Financial Management (AFM) – This paper works on the core financial management knowledge and skills covered in the Financial Management syllabus. It also prepares candidates to advise the management and/or clients on multifaceted and complex strategic financial management issues facing an organization.

Advanced Performance Management (APM) - The Advanced Performance Management paper helps candidates in advancing in key aspects introduced in Performance Management at the Applied Skills level. This paper also covers the strategic role of management accounting as a discipline for planning and controlling performance to achieve strategic objectives that can be set, monitored, and controlled.

Advanced Taxation (ATX) – This paper aims to enable candidates to apply relevant their learning and use professional judgment while providing information and advice to individuals or businesses on the repercussions of key taxes on financial decisions and situations.

Advanced Audit and Assurance (AAA) - The purpose of this paper is to illuminate how to analyze, evaluate and conclude on the assurance engagement and other audit and assurance concerning the best practice and current developments.

MyLogicVideos offers well crafted & interactive ACCA online coaching that covers the above-mentioned subjects in detail with relevant case studies. We also offer student centric ACCA coaching classes in Bangalore, thanks to our highly reputed and experienced faculty. 

ACCA Exam Model 

All 13 exams are online exams hence, both our ACCA training in Bangalore, India, and ACCA online classes is tailored to equip candidates to conquer them with flair.

F1 to F4

  • 50 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) which carries 2 marks per question.
  • 2 hours Duration

F5 to F9

  • Sec A - 15 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) which carries 2 marks per question.
  • Sec B – 3 Scenarios. Each Scenario has 5 MCQs per Scenario, which carries 2 marks per question. 
  • Sec C – Long Answer Type, which will have a Scenario followed by 3 or 4 questions that need to type and carries a total mark of 40.


  • A Case Study which carries 50 marks and 3 to 4 sub-questions.
  • 3 optional case studies will be given of which 2 are mandatory. And each carries 25 marks.
  • All Professional level exams are the long answers or Essay model questions.
The ACCA training in India, that we provide is built to help candidates excel in their exams. The well-rounded approach applied by MyLogicVideos simplifies the intricacies of the ACCA exam pattern. 

On successful completion of ACCA Coaching, you can expect

  • Great acceptance in Europe and Commonwealth Nations
  • Fully qualified candidates will get IFAC (International Federation of Accountants) membership and signing authority (post obtaining ACCA Practicing Certificate).
  • F1 to F4 completed candidate will start working as Associates at Companies.
  • F1 to F9 completed candidate will start working as Senior Associate.
  • Affiliates start working as Executives.
  • IFAC members start working as Assistant Managers.
  • Fellowship members will be working as Senior Managers or Directors.

Why is MyLogicVideos a key factor of ACCA coaching in Bangalore?

MyLogic Business Management School, in partnership with Exp UK offers ACCA Training in India. MyLogic’s self-learning platform, MyLogicVideos is an international standard platform with unique quality and updates. With ACCA online classes, local as well as international faculties provide training, lectures, and doubt clearing through this platform.

Enroll in ACCA coaching in Bangalore with MyLogicVideos, the trusted school of management to become a successful and sought-after ACCA professional in India. 

Follow the steps below to enroll for ACCA Training

You can prepare for this program from your comfort zone and convenience. What you need to do is follow the below steps:
  • Visit
  • Click on ‘Sign up’
  • Create your account with the necessary details.
  • Click on ‘ACCA’ at the top bar.
  • Choose the paper you wanted to prepare.
  • Click on ‘Buy Now’
  • Make the payment and save the receipt
  • MyLogicVideo Team will share with you the E-form to fill and mail back for access 
  • You will receive a mail with access to MyLogicVideo – Exp Portal to start the preparation 
  • Once your access is active, you can log in anytime and watch video lectures and learn.
  • If you get any sort of doubts, there is an option to “Ask Tutor “and MyLogicVideo will take it forward and faculties will respond to the queries and also WebEx Video doubt clearing sessions will be arranged on case to case basis 
  • MyLogicVideo will extend further support for you related to exam preparations, registration, and mock exams.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

The ACCA Qualification is offered globally by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountant, the UK founded in 1904. ACCA aims to offer a rewarding career in accountancy, finance, and management aligned to the needs of employers in all sectors and ACCA ensures that, through their qualifications, they prepare accountants for business.

Length/Duration of ACCA is not fixed, it varies from candidate to candidate. But, for an average candidate with minimum eligibility can complete ACCA within 3 years.

Yes, the candidate should have a minimum age of 16.

Class 12 is the minimum eligibility. Candidates with higher qualifications will get exemptions for various papers based on their syllabus.

We have multiple options to learn ACCA. 
  1. Conventional classroom classes.
  2. Live online classes.
  3. Self-Learning platforms like

Yes, you can study online. Platinum providers like Logic have both online and offline classes.

The minimum eligibility is class 12. Candidates with higher qualifications will get exemptions for various papers/levels depending upon their syllabus.

Yes, the fastest duration possible to complete ACCA is 2 years.

With proper study plan, hard work, determination along with the support of a good provider like Logic will make your journey of ACCA easier and smoother.

You can either study in institutions like LOGIC or you can use self-learning platforms like to study online where you will be able to study with virtual reality.

Only by gaining the concept clarity, a maximum number of practice sessions, and mock exams will lead you to clear ACCA exams in the first attempt.

Each exam consists of 3 hours duration.

You could, therefore, complete all the exams in 2 years. However, you also need 3 years of practical experience to become a member of the ACCA professional body.

ACCA appears a lot easier than compared to CFA qualifications. While CFA level 1 and CFA 2 exams have pass rates of 37%, the 13 core ACCA papers have pass rates ranging from 32% to as high as 65%.

In a year, ACCA runs 4 exam sittings allowing students to take a maximum of 8 papers. Therefore, the fastest duration possible to complete ACCA is 2 years.

There are no restrictions in the number of attempts, so definitely the candidate who fails can easily prepare well and clear it by the next window.

40-50%. The average passing percentage for the ACCA exam is 40-50%.

Initial Registration


Exemption fees for Applied Knowledge Exams


Exemption fees for Applied Skill Exams


Exam Fees – Applied Knowledge 


Exam Fees – Applied Skill


Ethics and Professional Skills Model


Strategic Business Leader


Strategic Business Reporting


Strategic Professional


The number of papers to complete to become qualified also varies from candidate to candidate. A candidate with just minimum eligibility has to clear 13 papers whereas candidates with higher qualifications are eligible for exemptions.
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