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CPA Business Environment and Concepts (BEC)
Auditing and Attestation (AUD)
Financial Accounting and Reporting (FAR)
Regulation (REG)


What is CPA?

Certified Public Accountants (CPA), US is the equivalent qualification of the Indian CA. It is the highest accounting credentials in the US which enjoys international recognition as members of the AICPA (American Institute of Certified Public Accounts).

Role of a CPA

  • Filling US Tax returns
  • Auditing companies listed with SEC
  • Conversion Services (from Local GAAP to US GAAP/IFRS)
  • Transaction/Advisory Services
  • Accounting services

Benefits of CPA and CPA Coaching in India with MyLogicVideos 

The CPA course is considered as the ultimate qualification and the CPA coaching in India offered by MyLogicVideos prepare the student for the unlimited possibilities to show potential in the accounting field. Below are the listed benefits.

  • International Credibility - Immense opportunity for CA’s, ICWA, CS etc. who aspire for an international certification. As mentioned above it is administered by AICPA which is the world’s  largest accounting body
  • Career Opportunities – With the best CPA coaching in India and CPA online coaching and  the certification in hand candidates can start their career with accounting &Auditing Firms, Research firms, Investment banks, Hedge Funds, Private equity firms, Commercial banks, Mutual funds, Mergers & Acquisition etc.
  • Flexibility & Ease: It’s a single level online exam where one can clear the exams in less than a year with our CPA online coaching
  • Strong Knowledge Base- CPA Coaching in India & certification allows candidates to develop a strong foundation in Auditing, Accounting (US GAAP &IFRS), Finance, Tax
  • CPA certification can propel you into significant career progression opportunity with BIG 4 and MNCs
  • The best CPA coaching in India also advances Leadership skills, international perspective, elite professional network as you obtain the certification.

CPA Education Prerequisites & Examination

Licensing boards commonly require that CPA certification course is completed in at least 150 hours of post-secondary coursework in accounting, which is 30 hours more than the hours required for a Bachelor’s degree. Some students fulfill the requirement by earning master’s degree or by taking extra courses after completing bachelor’s degree programs.

Qualified applicants may sit for the UNIFORM CPA exams administered by the American Institute of Public Accountants (AICPA). The 4-hour exam (each section) is divided into 4 parts that assess proficiency in:


The Auditing and Attestation CPA exam section tests your knowledge of the entire audit process, as well as preparation, compilation, and review engagements and other non-attestation services. Since, it also tests ethics, MyLogicVideos also provide CPA coaching classes in Bangalore for ethics along with technical subjects so one will have to become familiar with the AICPA Code of professional conduct.

Our CPA Coaching in Bangalore is administered keeping in mind the Audit CPA exam sections, which  consists of five test lets: two test lets of multiple-choice questions (MCQ’s) and the three test lets of task based simulations (TBS’s). The MCQ portion of AUD accounts for 50% of your CPA exam score, and TBS portion accounts for the other 50%


Historically, the FAR CPA exam section receives the lowest pass rate of any CPA Exam Section. It tests your knowledge on the topic of financial accounting standards. With the best CPA coaching in Bangalore you will be able to easily understand the technical financial accounting standards and get comfortable performing accounting math under a time limit.

The FAR CPA exam section consists of five test lets: two test lets of multiple-choice questions (MCQ’s) and the three test lets of task based simulations (TBS’s). The MCQ portion of FAR accounts is for 50% of your CPA exam score, and TBS portion accounts is for the other 50%. We provide CPA Coaching in Bangalore keeping in mind the aforementioned exam pattern.


The Business Environment and Concepts CPA Exam section tests your knowledge of the business environment and related concepts. BEC is unique for including written communications (WCs) in addition to the multiple choice question (MCQ’s) and task-based simulation (TSBs).

Our CPA coaching classes in Bangalore and CPA online coaching will help you to understand a wide range of accounting concepts at a basic level and be able to communicate clearly and effectively about business operations.

The BEC CPA exam section consists of five test lets: two test lets of multiple-choice questions (MCQ’s) and the two test lets of task based simulations (TBS’s) and one written communications. The MCQ portion of BEC accounts for 50% of your CPA exam score, and TBS portion accounts for 35% and the WC test let supplies the remaining 15%. 


The topics covered in the Regulation (REG) CPA Exam section are broadly three: business law, ethics, and federal taxation. The topic that receives most attention is federal taxation in its various forms, which make up over half the exam. Consequently, CPA Coaching in India and our CPA online coaching focus thoroughly on these topics.

CPA coaching will enable you to learn how to perform tax preparation and other services commonly require of CPA’s

The REG CPA exam section consists of five test lets: two test lets of multiple-choice questions (MCQ’s) and the three test lets of task based simulations (TBS’s). The MCQ portion of REG accounts for 50% of your CPA exam score, and TBS portion accounts for the other 50%

Testing & CPA coaching Process for 4 papers: 

The AICPA prescribes two levels of difficulty to MCQ test let: “medium” and “difficult”. This specifies the average difficulty of questions in the test let. According to the AICPA, there isn’t an advantage or disadvantage to receiving harder or easier questions because the exam takes question difficulty into account during grading. MyLogicVideos offers the best CPA coaching in India that helps you perform well in both test lets. 

In short, harder questions are worth more points.

If you perform well on the first test let, you will receive a difficult test let. If you do not perform well in the first test let, you will receive another medium test let.

The level of difficulty in the TBS test let will not be determined by your performance in the MCQ test let. TBS test lets are pre-selected.

Testing window for CPA examination

The CPA examination is offered in four “testing windows”. In 2020 the testing windows are –

Q1: January 1 – March 10

Q2: April 1- June 30

Q3: July1- September 10

Q4: October 1- December 10

As of July 1 2020, testing windows are going to be swapped with continuous testing. This will allow candidates to take the exam all year-round. Two exceptions would be when they are waiting to receive scores from prior attempts of the same section or when there is a major change to the exam. The other periods in which the examinations are not allowed is called as the “Black Out” period.

Due to the unprecedented times that we are facing because of corona virus, Indian candidates may schedule to take any U.S CPA examination sections during the months of JUNE and SEPTEMBER 2020 on the condition that the prometric will be open subject to the rules and guidelines issued by the Central and State governments Of India. The CPA examinations will be administered from eight major cities from INDIA namely:

Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Calcutta, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, New Delhi and Trivandrum

Certification Requirements

You may meet Board of Accountancy eligibility requirements in one of the 55 U.S jurisdictions if you are a non-U.S citizen, you may qualify as a licensed U.S Certified Public Accountant (CPA). The basic eligibility requirement for US CPA is 150 accounting credits in academics. In India, it is equivalent to a 16- year education. 

There is no central professional body in the U.S through which one may qualify as a CPA  Clearing the 4 examinations in 18 month rolling period after CPA coaching in India, CPA’s must also obtain licensure through their state board of accountancy. Eligibility requirements vary by jurisdiction, but all states require that the applicants meet education standards and have a minimum amount of professional public accounting experience. 

Why MyLogicVdeos is important? 

MyLogicVideos is one of the best Professional Qualification Training Providers in India. We are a premier online training platform for CPA coaching in India and several other advanced finance courses. We have been providing CPA coaching in India for more than a decade, offering remarkable results. They faculty for CPA training in Bangalore and across India are handled by experienced professionals and subject-matter experts. Most of all, MyLogicVideos is always determined to do the best and provide value through online learning, discussion forums etc. 

Along with the well-rounded online and classroom training we provide are also offer regular update of knowledge to avoid sluggishness in career.

Enroll for CPA online coaching 

You enroll for CPA coaching on our online coaching platform from the comfort of your home. Follow the below steps to enroll – 

  • Visit
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  • Create your own account with necessary details.
  • Click on ‘CPA USA’ at the top bar.
  • Choose the paper(s)/Group(s) you wanted to prepare.
  • Click on ‘Buy Now’
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  • MyLogicVideos team will approach you soon with access and other assistance.
  • Once your access is active, you can login anytime and watch video lectures and learn.
  • You can post your doubts in our discussion forum at the same website or can book an appointment with an expert faculty.
  • MyLogicVideos will extend any support you require related to exam preparations, registration and mock exams
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