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CopA: Certified Operational Accountant (Skill development program by My Logic).

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Procure to Pay ( P2P)
Procure to Pay ( P2P)

COpA: Certified Operational Accountant (Skill development program by My Logic)

Job Opportunities:

Business process outsourcing industry is booming. Number of Multinational companies have adopted BPO model to gain the advantage

  • Access to Talent at a lower cost,
  • Usage of latest technology to achieve lower cost of operations,
  • Working in various shifts to increase the output,
  • Create back up & business continuity plan.

The recent outbreak of Covid-19, which has adversely impacted global economy. Multinational companies started focusing on

  • Standard cloud-based work platform,
  • Robotic Process Automations,
  • Permanent remote working options,
  • Having operations at more than one location,
  • Shift from single-function operations to multi-functional operations.

This creates a lot of opportunities in the following sectors

  • R2R – Record to Report – General Ledger
  • P2P – Procure to Pay – Accounts Payable
  • O2C – Order to Cash – Accounts Receivable
  • Financial Planning & Analysis
  • Insurance processing

Skill Gap & MyLogic Solution:

The traditional education system is still in an evolving stage of supporting the on-the-job skill set requirements. There is a lot of vacuum in terms of the Skill(s) required to do the job and the knowledge being imparted.

The focus of the traditional education system is mainly on imparting theoretical knowledge to make the students have a strong fundamental(s). This is creating pressure on the candidate in cracking the job interviews and impacting his/her on the job performance.

To bridge this skill gap of Campus to Corporate and confidently face the challenges in executing the day-to-day task(s) aligned and to help in sustaining in their long-term career(s), My Logic with its vast experience & pool of resources came up with an innovative Skill Development Program called “Certified Operational Accountant”.

Certification program consists of the following modules, spread across a period of 3.5 months and trained by renowned industry experts with practical oriented way of training.

Mandatory Modules Optional Modules Soft Skills
1. Workshop on Accounting
2. Workshop of Financial Management 
3. Record to Report (R2R) – GL
4. Procure to Pay (P2P)- AP
5. Order to Cash (O2C) – AR.                       
6. ERP interface and basics of MS –Office
7. Basics of RPA/AI/Data Analytics

1. Insurance
2. Audit 

3. Other Industry related specific modules

1. Email etiquette
2. Team working skills/Training on Work culture in MNCs
3. Communication skills ,Interviewing and group discussion skills


The skill development program is of 3.5 months duration and the candidate is evaluated based on his knowledge, domain & technical skills, behavioural skills, etc during the training period.

Career Counselling & Certification:

Upon completion of the training & evaluation each candidate has to undergo a career counselling session with our eminent industry experts & then only will be eligible for the Certification.

Interview & Job:

Upon earning the CopA certification, the candidate will be eligible for attending the interview and can get selected for the job.

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