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Chartered Financial Analyst is a signature program offered by CFA Institute of USA. It has enrollments of more than 150000 CFA charter holders across the globe.

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CFA Level 1
CFA Level 1

Chartered Financial Analyst - CFA®

CFA® Coaching and Course Details

Chartered Financial Analyst is offered by the CFA Institute of United States. It has enrollments of more than 150000 CFA charter holders across the globe with extended coverage through 165+ countries.
The CFA training program is a popular qualification amongst finance professionals because it trains individuals in a holistic way for the finance segment. CFA online classes offered by MyLogicVideos, covers all areas required for complete knowledge whether its analysis, estimation, forecasting the future performance of organizations, portfolio management, and financial responsibility handling. A CFA USA certification is recognized and respected as the highest designation in the field of finance. Due to its wide acceptability and credibility, it has become the best career choice for finance aspirants. The ten key subjects included for the CFA training in India offered by MyLogicVideos are ethical and professional standards, quantitative methods, economics, analysis of taxes, equity investments, debt, corporate finance, an equity portfolio, and performance measurements, fixed income, global operations, financial reporting and analysis as per international standards, alternative investments in real estate, commodities, portfolio management, private equity, and wealth planning.

CFA® Course Eligibility

To be eligible for a Chartered Financial Analyst Course, the candidate must fulfill the basic requirements listed below:
  • Should have a bachelor’s (or equivalent) degree or be in the final year of the bachelor’s degree at the time of registration. OR
  • The person should have four years of professional work experience or a combined work and college experience of four years.

CFA® Program Course Duration

Two years minimum are required to cover all three levels of CFA Coaching in India. You may pick your pace as CFA online classes with MyLogicVideos, allows customized flexible solutions.

CFA® USA Program Examination

The intensive, knowledge-driven Chartered Financial Analyst course consists of three levels and covers varied topics.
  • Level  I CFA ® Program 
  • Level  II CFA ® Program
  • Level  III CFA ® Program 

Career Opportunities after CFA USA Program

CFA is a renowned feather in your hat! 
The carrier opportunities you may explore are:

Portfolio manager

You will be a one-stop solution for clients looking for investment strategies and portfolio trading. You will be responsible for investing a mutual, exchange-traded, or closed-end fund’s assets and managing day-to-day financial trading. Your advice would be “Gold” for facilitating fund investments.

Research Analyst

Analysis and interpretation are the keys to the market. You will be responsible for research, analysis, presentation, and interpretation of data related to operations, market, finance, accounting, economics, etc. You would be expected to give details of customer insights and other information.

Risk Management Specialist

As a risk manager, your job would be to identify, assess the organization’s capital and earnings. You can expect yourself to deal with threats, risks, uncertainty, and legal liabilities. 

Financial Analyst

See yourself working in a bank, pension funds, or insurance companies, and then financial analyst is the right fit for you. Financial analysts provide guidance to organizations and professionals making investment decisions. Your CFA online classes will prepare you in assessing stock performance, bonds, and other types of investments. See yourself aiding smooth functioning and expansion of the business.

Why CFA online classes with MyLogicvideos?

MyLogicVideos’ CFA Training in Bangalore is an all-round, intensive course designed for practical and experimental experience. You will progress towards a positive direction once you plunge into the learning curriculum of the format of CFA coaching in India. Our team of qualified professionals ensures that you attain first-hand experience and enough cognitive awareness regarding the finance industry. Along with soft-skills, you learn the intricacies of investment banking and keep them as a base while we make you job-ready.
Chartered Financial Analyst is globally recognized, and this designation adds weightage to your professional face. CFA® Course helps you demonstrate professional excellence. It is also particularly popular amongst finance specialists. It is considered that the curriculum quality adheres to the highest standards. The best CFA online classes give you a very smart head-start to an extremely lucrative finance carrier or CFA® Charter.

Job opportunities post CFA training in India 

  • Financial advisor
  • Strategist
  • Chief executive
  • Traders
  • Accountants
  • Advisors
  • Consultant
  • Relationship manager
  • Senior manager
  • Investment banking analyst 
  • Others
MyLogicVideos training institute in Bangalore offers flexibility and customized guidance to each of its students. We ensure to prepare you for high-pressure circumstances through intensive knowledge sharing sessions and training. The attraction of the Chartered Financial Analyst course is to have lots of practice, if you are sincere and serious with what you want, the journey will be absolutely smooth for you. Our professional trainers who carry deep industry experience help you relate to theoretical concepts through real-world examples. This not only makes your coursework easier to sail through but also assists you in practical decision-making scenarios.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

The Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) program is a postgraduate equivalent professional qualification. It is offered by CFA Institute to investment and financial professionals.

Exams: to get the CFA designation, you must take three exams, each one in a separate year. The subjects include Economics, Finance, Investments, Accounting, and Ethics.

Yes, in general, CFA exams are very difficult to clear. However, with over 300hours of studying, utilizing alternative preparation materials, answering as many practice questions as possible, and creating a structured study plan candidates can increase their chances of passing.

Both exams have their own challenges. It is important to choose the ideal career option based on your aspirations.

Anyone with a bachelor’s degree or in the final year of your bachelor’s program is eligible

You can’t pass the CFA exam without Maths.

CFA exams are challenging and the course itself is demanding. It requires candidates to study for over 300 hours, utilize alternative preparing materials, answer as many practice questions as possible, and create a structured study plan to have a good chance of clearing the exam.

The minimum requirement to apply for the CFA exam is a graduation degree in any field and a minimum work experience of 4 years.

Although the exams can be taken as many times as needed, each exam typically requires candidates to study for 300 hours, To receive a charter each candidate must pass all 3 exams and have 4 years of qualified work experience.

CFA has 3 levels and fees per exam are as follows:


Training fees will vary from tutor to tutor.

One time enrollment fee is $450 and exam fees per exam are:


If it is an early entry, fees will be $2,550. In addition tutors, fees and materials fees will be incurred. 

You can sit for a CFA exam without one, but to complete the process of becoming a charter holder you will have to get experience by working in certain finance positions.

No, CFA requires Graduation.

  1. Focus your efforts on the CFA institute’s curriculum
  2. Keep up to date with what’s changed
  3. Know the format
  4. Practice the lost art of penmanship
  5. Practice makes perfect- but don’t go overboard in any one area
  6. Take care of yourself
  7. Plan the logistics of exam day
  8. Time management is the key
  9. Don’t rush
  10. Take a deep breath.

Pass all 3 exams of the CFA in succession, acquire qualified work experience.

Yes, you can do CFA with B.Com in its final year or after completing B.Com

Have a Bachelors or Equivalent degree or be in the final year of bachelors.

CFA enrollment fee is $450. Annual subscription fee is $275.

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