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Certified Internal Auditor alias CIA is a CIA holder individual who is recruited for the corporate businesses to look for continuing practices.

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CIA Part 1  Live Class Recordings
CIA Part 1 Live Class Recordings
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CIA Part 2 Live Class Recordings
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CIA Part 3 Live Class Recordings
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CIA Part 1 Animated Videos

Certified Internal Auditor (CIA)

Certified Internal Auditor alias CIA is a CIA holder individual who is permanently recruited officer for the corporate businesses to look for continuing practices of company business rules and regulations. They are likely to observe whether their industries comply with the law and follow proper business procedures. They work as internal quality controllers ranging from financial to operational business activities.

The demand for a certified Internal Auditor is growing due to the emerging complexity of the working atmosphere in the corporate sectors. The owners of the institutions want to keep keen eyes on the internal issues of the companies at the micro-level and an Internal Auditor is likely to serve this purpose of the owners through placing final reports to the senior management and they have the scope to provide problems based actionable recommendation. 

The CIA is a globally accepted certification course for an auditor. And a candidate who aims to complete the Certified Internal Auditor course needs to comply with few more important requirements; those are:-

  • An accountant must have a bachelor degree to seek for Internal Audit Certification;
  • They must have two years of experience in the auditing related field;
  • They must finish 150  credit hours before sitting for the exam;

And they must continue 40 hours reading per year having gained a certificate in order to retain the certificate; 

CIA course is categorized with three major parts; as:-

  • Essentials of Internal auditing;
  • The practice of Internal auditing; and 
  • Business knowledge for Internal auditing;

Part one of the CIA course offers learners foundational knowledge on internal auditing in compliance with international standards. This course focuses on the development of six domains of the learners that ensure the learners understand fraud risk, risk control and management, good governance, quality assurance, and improvement program and it offers them how to build up a neutral mindset while internal auditing.

This part arranges to test the candidate’s knowledge, skills, and activities relating to performance standards. The candidates go through learning knowledge and skills in the management of internal audit activities. Again, the planning and performing of successful engagements are also the core of this part. While all performance is garnered, the auditor is expected to communicate the results of performance and the monitoring progress which he submits to the seniors of the corporations. However, this part reshapes a candidate’s knowledge of activity in order to develop skills through the implementation of earned knowledge.

Part three offers business knowledge to the candidates. It highlights the nature of the business arena, the probable threats and possibilities of this sector, the use of information technology in business, and the information security for financial management.  

As the CIA has a wide range of career options like internal auditing, audit managing, compliance auditing, investigation auditing as well as technological auditing and, again, they often hold executive positions in corporate sectors like directing and audit executing; the CIA has now being turned into most desired courses for the accountants who are certified by the Institutes for the Internal Auditors (IIA) which is a globally recognized accredited institution.

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