Unique features of the ACCA Course

Unique features of the ACCA Course

The ‘Chartered Certified Accountant’ Qualification, also commonly known as the ACCA Certification is offered by The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants. It is a sought after professional certification for accountants around the world. The ACCA course has gained its popularity owing to its global recognition, prestige and value it adds to a candidates’ profile. 

To receive the ACCA certification the course requires candidates to clear 13 exams complete the ethics module and have a minimum of three years of relevant practical work experience. 

The eligibility for ACCA course in India is class X pass. Hence, often times the decision to choose the ACCA certification course is taken by the parents. ACCA course is equally popular among experienced professionals and graduates. They are also given certain exemptions based on their credentials if they choose to pursue the course. 

ACCA Course for young students

Enrolling for ACCA course can be a big step for young students and their parents. Hence choosing an authorized learning partner is crucial. MyLogic Business Management School is recognized as ACCA’s Silver Learning Partner and provides training in the form of live online classes to both students and professionals. Parents can trust MyLogic with guidance and support from expert faculty that will not only help students with ACCA preparation but can also leave a lasting impact on their career. 

Here are few more unique features of the ACCA course that will encourage parents to enrol their children for ACCA course – 

Success and security in your finance career

ACCA course give candidates the liberty and skill to define their own career paths. The unique advantage of ACCA certification is the wide range financial knowledge combined with holistic business training that it offers. The course on the whole equips students to confidently climb the corporate ladder and take up roles with increased responsibility early in their career. The business training particularly encourages a new bunch of fresh entrepreneurs, setting up their own innovative start-ups with distinctive accounting practices.

Everyday life skill

ACCA course not only offers finance and business oriented technical knowledge but also crucial soft skills that can help them in decisive life situations. Now-a-days employers tend to value and look for professionals with good communication skills, a team worker with leadership qualities, being tech savvy, ethical and problem solving etc. while hiring. 

Start ACCA at your convenient level 

Students can start their ACCA journey as early as they clear class 10. The ACCA course does not require any prior qualification however if the student is interested in a university degree, he/she can still earn a degree from Oxford Brookes University by studying ACCA. 


ACCA course and certification is versatile in nature. It allows a great deal of flexibility for students and professionals interested in pursuing the certification. The ACCA course also extends beyond technical skills and equips young students for life. 

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