Top 4 Things to Know About the CIMA Course

Top 4 Things to Know About the CIMA Course

The CIMA certification course is offered by the Chartered Institute Of Management Accountants. It is one of the oldest finance credentials that has aided the finance sector for almost a century with over 1000 candidates appearing for the CIMA exam every year. 

What can you expect from CIMA Course?

The primary aim of the CIMA course is to produce trained management accountants who are proficient in understanding how an organization works and how various departments work together, and the ways they are managed so that they contribute positively and support the overall business strategy.

CIMA course equips professionals to be able to proficiently deploy innovative strategies post in-depth analysis – both financial and non-financial – to make important strategic decisions that has a direct impact on the profitability of a company.

Enrolling for CIMA course with a premier ed-tech platform like MyLogic Business Management School shows recruiters that you have the skills and knowledge required to work and excel in various capacities both in business and finance roles and not just limited to accountancy jobs. Some of the core skills imparted through the CIMA training and CIMA course are – 

  • Analytics
  • Planning
  • Risk Management
  • Communication
  • Strategy Formulation

Particulars about CIMA course

CIMA Certification will boost your CV

CIMA certification and course is one of the most recognisable qualifications for aspiring finance professionals in the world. It is not only a distinguished qualification in the in the accountancy but also in other related domains like business and management. The CIMA course lends the much required credibility to your profile opening up several opportunities. It demonstrates to the recruiters that you have a sense of self-drive, achievement and commitment towards your work. 

CIMA Membership Support

The chartered institute of management accountants extends its support beyond the completion of the CIMA course. They offer ample quality support and resources to its members to aid their professional journey. Below is a list of resources you can expect from CIMA –

  • Guidance in ethics and professionalism
  • News on the move
  • Carrier support
  • Community support and networking opportunities

Career Options go beyond accounting

It is common for qualified CIMA professionals to wind up in sectors other than accounting. This is one of the biggest advantages of the CIMA course. The common or preferred job role by CIMA professionals lean more towards commercial and strategy-based positions. These roles are a combination of both number-crunching and decision-making. They are also the stepping stones for more senior roles like finance director, managing director, or CEO.

CIMA course is dynamic

The CIMA course and syllabus is structured and restructures to keep up with the changing demands of the economy. With liberal digital advancements like data science, cyber security, integrating reporting, and business models CIMA syllabus has incorporated relevant material to keep the course relevant. Hence, the CIMA course also places emphases on the digital skills of the candidates, making it easier for them to secure a job. 


CIMA certification is one of the best finance certification courses that will take you forward in your career. Adding CIMA to your CV will surely open several doors and help you stand out in the crowd. 

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