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BA1 Fundamentals of Business Economics
BA1 Fundamentals of Business Economics
BA2 Fundamentals of Management Accounting
BA2 Fundamentals of Management Accounting
BA3 Fundamentals of Financial Accounting
BA3 Fundamentals of Financial Accounting
BA4 Fundamentals of Ethics, Corporate Governance and Business Law
BA4 Fundamentals of Ethics, Corporate Governance and Business Law
E1 Managing Finance in a Digital World
E1 Managing Finance in a Digital World
P1 Management Accounting
P1 Management Accounting
F1 Financial Reporting
F1 Financial Reporting
Operational Case Study CIMA
Operational Case Study CIMA
E2 Managing Performance
E2 Managing Performance
P2 Advanced Management Accounting
P2 Advanced Management Accounting
F2 Advanced Financial Reporting
F2 Advanced Financial Reporting
Management Case Study
Management Case Study
E3 Strategic Management
E3 Strategic Management
P3 Risk Management
P3 Risk Management
F3 Financial Strategy
F3 Financial Strategy
Strategic Case Study of CIMA
Strategic Case Study of CIMA

Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA)

CIMA is a professional qualification which is awarded by the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA), a UK based professional body offering training and qualification in management accountancy and related subjects. 
CIMA training focuses on developing a management accounting profession. With 281,467 students and CGMAs, CIMA is the largest management accounting body in the world. The professional body is also a recognized member of the International Federation of Accountants. The effective CIMA coaching in Bangalore, India for 16 papers and 3 years of professional experience will enable you to receive the CIMA certification easily.

Highlights of CIMA Training Program

  • Online exams
  • Exam centers across the globe.
  • Global acceptance and validity.
  • The pass mark is 50% for non – case studies.
  • The CGMA is the most widely held management accounting designation in the world and is educationally equivalent to a master's degree in the UK. 
  • 10 years to complete the exams.
  • Pre or Post qualifying experiences are valid.
  • Different Certifications will be awarded by the body at the successful completion of each level.

Eligibility For CIMA Certification

The minimum eligibility for CIMA certification is class 12. It is also highly beneficial to start your CIMA training at the earliest. Candidates with higher qualifications will get exemptions for various papers/levels depending upon their syllabus. However, graduation or any further studies are not mandatory.

No. of papers in detail

  • 4 Levels (Certificate, Operational, Management, and Strategic)
  • 4 Papers each at all levels.
  • Certificate level has 4 subjects
  • All other level has 4 Sections:-
  • Enterprise pillar
  • Performance pillar
  • Financial pillar
  • Case study

16 Papers that are included in CIMA Online Training

Fundamentals of Business Economics (BA1) – This subject covers the economic and operating aspects of the business. It talks about the impact of competition, the behavior of financial markets, and economic policies on the organization. It also covers evaluating and forecasting the behavior of consumers, markets, and the economy in general. 

Fundamentals of Management Accounting (BA2) – This subject deals with the fundamental knowledge and techniques that underpin management accounting. CIMA Training Courses in India will better explain the position and role of CIMA professionals in an organization in the contexts of commercial and public sector bodies and its wider role in society, covered in this subject.

Fundamentals of Financial Accounting (BA3) - This offers a practical understanding of financial accounting and the procedure of preparing the financial statements for single entities.

Fundamentals of Ethics, Corporate Governance, and Business Law (BA4) – It covers the professional standards to be demonstrated for the benefit of all stakeholders. With this in mind, it talks about the place of ethics and ethical conflict as an essential foundation for commercial activity. With CIMA online coaching it will easier to understand the roles of corporate governance, corporate social responsibility, and audit; and their impact on the management, included in this subject.

Managing Finance in a digital world (E1) - The aim is to create awareness of the technologies that drive the digital world and how they interact with each other. It examines how finance professionals can use relevant technologies to execute their roles and how it affects the “information to impact” framework. The intention is to move from creating awareness to generating an understanding of how finance can use these technologies to increase its value and relevance to organizations.

Management Accounting (P1) - Distinguish between concepts of revenue, costs, and information from other concepts. CIMA online coaching will help you understand the use of data (financial and non-financial) and the appropriate concepts and techniques to support decision-making to achieve organizational objectives of value creation and preservation explained in P1. What types of risks and uncertainties do organizations face when preparing and implementing budgets and when making short-term decisions? How are those risks and uncertainties identified, assessed, and managed?

Financial Reporting (F1) - The subject focuses on the main principles and examines the requirements for identifying, measure, and discloses major items of the financial statements. It offers a hands-on experience of preparing basic finances. Online CIMA training is a good way to gain valuable experience. It also provides a broad overview of the different types of taxes, their effect, and usage. The main thing here is the coverage and application of principles.

Operational Case Study – A case based on E1, P1, and F1

The competency weighting is:
  • Technical skills – 64%
  • Business skills – 16%
  • People skills – 14%
  • Leadership skills – 6%
Managing Performance (E2) – This section covers the concept of value from different stakeholder perspectives. It also covers the concepts of connectivity and alignment between the ecosystem and the elements of the business model. 

Advanced Management Accounting (P2) – This part covers a straight forward application of the techniques used to appraise projects. The CIMA coaching Institue in Bangalore also covers concepts like KPIs, pricing strategies, capital investment decision process, performance evaluation, reports, responsibility centers against strategies, use of use analytics, visualization, etc. which are prominent in P2. These concepts also deal with the evaluation of digital transformation projects that have a different profile from other capital projects. 

Advanced Financial Reporting (F2) – This is about the preparation of basic group accounts applying the financial reporting standards learned in the previous section. The subject and our CIMA training Courses will be focused on building awareness and a basic understanding of the technical issues so as to equip finance professionals to have meaningful discussions with the organization about the performance, position, and potential. This section looks at the International Framework as a means of addressing the need for wider forms of reporting in a multi-stakeholder world. 

Management Case Study – A case based on E2, P2, and F2. 

The competency weighting is:
  • Technical skills – 39%
  • Business skills – 16%
  • People skills – 21%
  • Leadership skills – 24%
Strategic Management (E3) – This topic deals with the effective implementation of organizational strategies, by aligning their structures, people, process, projects, and relationships. It also helps develop the skills and abilities of the strategic leaders, which are further honed in our CIMA coaching in Bangalore. This enables them to create the vision and direction for the growth and sustainability of the organization. 

Risk Management (P3) – This topic shows how to identify, evaluate, and manage various risks that could adversely affect the implementation of organizational strategies. It covers the skills used to analyze, evaluate, and apply techniques. Our CIMA training Courses and the paper also talks about the processes and internal control systems required to manage risk. A section also talks about raising awareness about cyber risks. 

Financial Strategy (F3) – CIMA F3 focuses on the formulation and implementation of financial strategy to support the overall strategy of the organization. It provides the competencies to evaluate the financing requirements of organizations and the relative merits of alternative sources of finance, which is further developed with CIMA online training. Finally, it develops the competencies required to value investment opportunities including the valuation of corporate entities for mergers, acquisitions, and divestments.

Strategic Case Study - A case study based on E2, P2, and F2.

The competency weighting is:
  • Technical skills– 25%
  • Business skills– 25%
  • People skills– 25%
  • Leadership skills– 25%

Exam model 

All 16 exams are online. Except for the case studies, all the exams are on-demand, computer-based assessments available through-out the year.

The case study exams can be taken in four windows a year (February; May; August; and November). Exams in each window will be available for three days from Wednesday to Friday.

CIMA– Certificate in Business Accounting (Certificate Level)

  • Pass percentage– 50%
  • 2 hours Duration 
  • BA1, BA2, and BA3 will each contain 60 objective test questions, while BA4 will contain 85 objective test questions.
  • Objective Tests are available on-demand and computer marked. After the test, you will receive a provisional exam result of either ‘Pass’ or ‘Fail’ at the Pearson VUE assessment center, which will then be approved in your MyCIMA account in 48 hours.

CIMA– Operational, Management, and Strategic Levels

  • Non-Case Studies 
  • Pass percentage – 50%
  • 90 Minutes Duration
  • Objective Tests for all three subjects within each level are available on-demand and have the same process as certificate level objective tests

Case Studies

  • Total Marks – 150
  • Pass Marks – 90
  • A minimum of 50% is required for each skill to pass
  • 3 hours Duration
  • Case Study exams are available four times a year and are human-marked. Five weeks after the close of the Case Study window you will receive your results on your MY CIMA account

Prospects of CIMA Training and certification

  • Greatly valued in Europe and Commonwealth Nations
  • CIMA certified candidates will be accepted as IFAC members (International Federation of Accountants)
  • Candidates who have completed operational level can start working as Associates at Companies
  • Candidates who have completed management level can start working as Senior Associate
  • Candidates who have completed executive level can start working as Executives
  • Senior Executives or Asst. Managers roles are offered to ACMA (Associate Chartered Management Accountant)
  • Senior Managers or Directors roles are offered to FCMA (Fellow Chartered Management Accountant) 

The role of MyLogicVideos

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) is a UK based professional body offering training and Qualifications in management accountancy and related subjects. It is focused on accountants working in the industry and provides ongoing support and training for members.

Twelfth class is the minimum eligibility and candidates with higher qualifications will get exemptions on the basis of their other educational qualifications.

CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting (Cert BA) will help students with little or no accounting experience unleash their true business potential.

The Cert BA is a qualification in its own right and also forms a formal entry route into CIMA Professional Qualification.

There are a total of 16 exams.

Each student is different and has an average of 40-60 hours for the education provider exam. Logic suggests a study time of 200 hours for the certification exam.

In order to start studying the professional qualification from CIMA, Graduation from an Accredited institute or have completed the CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting (Cert BA)

50% for non-case study exams and 60% for case studies.

There is no limit to complete the CIMA qualification. 

While passing CIMA is difficult, it is certainly not impossible, if you can master the important concepts, then you can pass it easily.

According to the CIMA website, the most difficult exam besides the Gateway (15% pass rate) is the P2(45%), as for the case study exams, I think they are more difficult to classify as they will measure a broader skillset.

Fully depending upon the number of papers, you shall write. It is possible if you get more than 10 exemptions.

An average of 150 to 200 hours study is needed for an excellent and fast learner.

It takes nearly one to two years to complete CIMA

An average of 55% to 60% is the pass rate.

CIMA is best for someone who dreams to be a management accountant while ACCA is best for Certified Chartered Accountant aspirants.

CIMA BA is equivalent to certificate courses at Universities. 

Objective Tests for each of the three subjects within each level, available on-demand. Objective Tests are computer marked, so as soon as you have completed your Objective Test you will receive a provisional exam result of either ‘Pass’ or ‘Fail’ at the Pearson VUE assessment center. This result will then be ratified in your MyCIMA account within 48 hours.

Case Study exams at each level after you have passed all three Objective Tests. Case Study exams assess your application of knowledge to real-world scenarios and are available four times a year. Case Study exams are human-marked. You will receive your results on your MyCIMA account five weeks after the close of the Case Study window.

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