The Scope of CIMA

What is the Scope of CIMA Course? Is CIMA the Right Course for Me?

The CIMA course is offered by the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) in UK. It is one of the world’s largest and most respectable accounting organization that offers masters certification in management accounting and other related topics. The CIMA course primarily equips students with expertise in finance and trains them with critical skills required to make key business decisions and offer advice to concerned stakeholders of the financial implications.

CIMA course is ideal for those looking to pursue a business oriented profession. The CIMA training and course covers a broader array of business related topics and corporate plan with a greater number of management accounting approaches, especially when compared to other courses in the management accounting field. 

CIMA training and certification is a great choice because it prepares you to work in both the financial and non-financial sectors. The course is well planned and structured in a way that it lends equal weightage to both management and accounting, which extends the scope of the course. Some of the topics covered in the CIMA training and course are project finance, financial analysis, forensic accounting, management accounting, business analysis etc. 

The CIMA training offered by several training institutes across the world is an added advantage while pursuing such a multifaceted course. However, enrolling in a reputed ed-tech platform like MyLogic Business Management School will surely make the preparation journey much more efficient and valuable. The ed-tech platform is known for its live online classes and expert faculty who are available to the students 24X7 for doubt clearing, better understand the concepts and more. 

Why Choose CIMA

  • Since the CIMA course is broader in structure, covering several topics and more importantly focusing on business aspects it gives candidates the liberty to choose their own path as an employee or as entrepreneurs. It is the ideal course to consider if you desire to start a business in the future
  • The course also covers a wide variety of concepts and subject matter that opens up more job opportunities along with the skills to become a small business owner
  • CIMA designation is popular one not only in India but across the globe. Hence, if you are looking to work abroad then an in-demand certification like CIMA is a great asset
  • CIMA course expands your earning potential because of the numerous skills and concepts it equips you with. Hence companies are willing to pay a premium to have a CIMA certificate holder on their team. In India the average salary of CIMA members is anywhere between 4 lakhs to 12 lakhs


The CIMA course is open to students on completion and passing of their 12th exam. Nevertheless, the course requires candidates to pass 4 levels of exams and meet other requirements to become a CIMA certificate holder. 

CIMAs are the go-to professionals when companies are looking for candidates with the perfect blend of strategic and managerial skills. 

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