Securing a Job in a Post Pandemic World

Securing a Job in a Post-Pandemic World

Getting a degree and entering the job market is a career milestone. So far the time and effort spent working towards your qualification will finally be applied in real life wok environment. COVID-19 has transformed the job market into one that is turbulent and graduates are anxious about how their careers would turn out. However, there are still several companies hiring, and there are ways to stand out from the crowded candidate pool to landing that job you've been working towards.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind if you are looking for a job in today’s post-pandemic world.


Employ social media to widen your job search  

It has been proven that using social media to broaden your job search is the fastest way to improve your chances of finding the right job. Quite a few recruiters advertise job openings on popular social media sites and on traditional job boards. Social media sites now have their own job search features that alert job seekers whenever relevant employment opportunities are posted. It is highly recommended to complete your profiles on such job sites and follow companies and recruiters that align with your career goals. 


Keep Your Information Up to Date

A polished, up-to-date resume and cover letter can set you apart from other applicants; it should also highlight your most impressive accomplishments and contain a compelling summary statement that entices recruiters to read more about your skills, experience and education. Recruiters look for resumes that emphasize skills and accomplishments rather than an stack of  employment history.


Develop Your Skill Set

An on-going education program is incredibly desirable for employers and will definitely set you apart from the rest of the candidates which allows you to seamlessly transition from one job to another. Certifications help build confidence in employers that candidates are equipped and capable of carrying out the job role efficiently. 


Look for alternatives to your current employer

Some well-known companies have drastically reduced new employee intake due to management directives, which is making it difficult for them to hire new people. If you always imagined yourself working for a large company, now might be a good time to consider alternative options. Focus on small and medium-sized companies, which are an excellent back-up option, as they will also teach you valuable job skills, which will increase the chance that you will be hired by an enterprise with multiple career advancement options later on. 


Referrals and recommendations

It is crucial for job candidates to make themselves as attractive as possible to employers in an increasingly competitive job market, where one way to stand out from other candidates competing for the same role is to provide quality references, and it is better to collect this as soon as possible after graduation.


Although few new job market entrants will face the same level of adversity as our most recent graduating classes, post-pandemic conditions present new graduates with an additional challenge. However, it is vital to remain focused and persistent in a competitive job market to secure the desired job.

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