Popular Job Roles for a Financial Risk Manager

Popular Job Roles for a Financial Risk Manager

Financial Risk Manager is a designation professionals receive on clearing FRM exams and meeting the requirements set by GARP. The FRM course is offered by Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP) for all those interested in a career in risk management field. 

The changes in the economy and the increased risks have prompted every major retail, commercial, and investment banks and multi-national to hire more risk management professionals. FRM professionals are in also great demand in top financial firms because they are known as the gold standard” of the industry. Few other popular firms that hire risk management professionals are asset management firm, hedge fund, consulting firm, and regulators.

After qualifying as a financial risk manager professional some of the common job roles that one is hired for are risk analysts, credit risk analysts, market risk analysts, regulatory risk analysts, operational risk managers and more. 

Risk Analyst

The core job of a risk analyst is to examine and analyse the risk associated with investment portfolios. In certain firms the role of a risk analyst also extends to identifying and reporting asset losses, detect investment trends, and collect data for analysis and reporting. The most essential skill to excel in this role is analytical skills. 

Credit Risk Analyst

Credit risk analysts are hired to review and assess the financial history of either a person or a company to determine their credit worthiness. This is part of the company’s careful decision making process to decide whether to grant loan to a person or entity. 

Regulatory Risk Analyst

Regulatory risk analysts are hired to study any new or proposed laws that may come into play. They examine the laws to determine if and how they may impact their firm and its businesses in other regions, states, or countries. They are also required to come up with different possibilities and recommendations to ensure compliance. 

Market Risk Analyst

The essential task of using their market knowledge to research market trends in an industry or sector for the purpose of analysing the market risk is the role of a market risk analyst. Ultimately they provide a comprehensive market assessment that to make decisions about investments and future ventures. 

Operational Risk Manager

If you choose to take up the role of an operational risk manager you will be required to scrutinize how an organization or business is conducted to get the full picture, and resolve or prepare for anything that may detrimental to the company in the future.

The role of a risk analyst is crucial for every company. The FRM course and the FRM training provided by reputed ed-tech platforms like MyLogic Business Management School will not only prepare you for the job but also excel in it. 

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