Popular ACCA Myths To Lookout For

Popular ACCA Myths To Lookout For 

ACCA has numerous career opportunities available for its members. However, students are often misled by myths about the course before they take it. One of the common causes is the many unanswered questions and insufficient guidance.

The misinformation about ACCA course eventually wears down students' motivation to pursue ACCA careers. To help you better understand ACCA, we compiled a list of some common myths to steer clear.

? The ACCA requires accounting knowledge

ACCA is one of the qualifications that provide a comprehensive understanding of financial accounting. Since it is a compulsory subject, there is no need to worry about not being familiar with such subjects. ACCA is a certificate-level qualification, which means you can start learning it as soon as you are interested in it. Completing the certification will allow you to ascend the ladder of success and set yourself on the right path to success from junior accountants to board-level CFOs.

? ACCA offers only international platforms

The notion that one studies ACCA only to settle abroad is a myth. ACCA has a promising future in India with ample jobs being created for finance professionals every day. While the starting salary for ACCA members generally falls within the average range, it is likely to increase once you become a member. There is also a misconception that one has to travel abroad in order to complete the ACCA final exam. ACCA tests are done using online software operated by institutions recognized by the ACCA.

? The ACCA is of limited use to those with a degree

False truths like this are common. Accounting and finance degrees can guarantee a good job. A certificate qualification such as ACCA, however, will enhance your credibility. Furthermore, it is a course which could possibly bring you a promotion and help you get an even better and more lucrative job.

? Without a career path, it is more expensive

It is an outright myth that ACCA is not a worthwhile career. An ACCA certification is an excellent investment for the future however for average earners, it can be expensive. ACCA is still unknown to many people, which makes it even more intriguing with more job opportunities available. Therefore, it is a good time to pursue this profession and to take advantage of the most valuable career opportunities in the public and private sectors.

? When it comes to changing jobs, there are no opportunities

By obtaining your ACCA certification, you have the option of exploring diverse job fields. In the private and public sectors, the jobs can be categorized in numerous ways, including business analysts, treasurers, business developers, tax analysts, and more. As well, one can begin their own business by using the knowledge gained from taking ACCA courses.

Final thoughts

Don't let these myths hold you back from achieving your goal. Invest good time in research and talking to peers and seniors before taking the decision to avoid losing out on massive career opportunities ACCA course provides to aspiring finance students and professionals.

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