FRM Course Essentials

What is FRM? FRM Course Essentials – Financial Risk Manager

Financial Risk Manager or FRM is a designation offered to those who have successfully completed the FRM certification course. The FRM course is offered by the GARP, Global Association of Risk Professional. It covers all the concepts of Risk Management in great detail. 

With the ever increasing demand for FRM professionals in today’s job market instigated by the rising need for risk identification, evaluation, and management, FRM is one of the best courses for a secure future in finance.

FRM certification course is split into 2 parts – FRM Part 1 and FRM Part 2. It is structured to equip students and professionals to make informed risk decisions. Organizations prefer to hire certified Financial Risk Managers for the expertise they bring to the table along with their commitment to better risk management practices. To stay up to date with the evolving risk management practices and risk education, GARP also offers a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) program for risk professionals. 


The FRM course is open to all those interested in pursuing a career in risk management. There is no minimum eligibility criteria students are required to meet to sign up for the certification course. Even as an undergraduate students are welcome to enroll for FRM course. 

However, to eventually be certified as a Financial Risk Manager candidates are required to meet the following conditions – 

  • Pass both FRM part 1 and part 2 exams – FRM part 1 exam is held in May, July, and November while FRM part 2 exam is held in May and December
  • Have a minimum of 2 years work experience in a relevant field
  • Possess an active GARP membership

It is also essential that candidates complete the entire process of getting certified within 5 years of registering for the FRM certification course 

FRM Course Opportunities

The FRM course offers several lucrative career opportunities.  Financial Risk Managers in India draw an anywhere between 6lacs to 20lacs based on their experience. However with FRM being an international certification, earning potential grows exponentially if you choose to work abroad. Some of the common job roles that are available for Financial Risk Managers are – 

Risk Management Analytics Consultant

Risk Manager, Personal Banking

Operational Risk Advisory

Oversight for Wealth Management and Manager

Senior Operational Risk Manager

Credit risk specialists

Operational risk analysts

Regulatory risk analysts

Enterprise Risk Manager

First Step to being a qualified FRM

FRM course can benefit your finance career richly. It is especially a great option in todays’ economy and business climate. However, the FRM course can be overwhelming for many hence, to make the most of your preparation time it is best to enroll with a reputable ed-tech company like MyLogic Business Management School. The experienced faculty and live online classes is designed to help you qualify both FRM exams in the very first attempt. 

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