Certified Internal Auditor Job Role and Career Options

Certified Internal Auditor Job Role and Career Options

Internal Auditors are hired by companies to give their independent and objective assessment of the company’s operations focusing primarily on the effectiveness of its internal control structure.  Although the CIA course shares some of the skills and processes with CPA or CMA it is very different. The fundamental principles of internal auditing that is covered in the course are –

  • Independent and objective
  • Assurance and consulting service
  • Improve operations
  • Evaluate and improve risk manage, control and governance processes

The core purpose of internal auditing practice is for organizations to accomplish its objectives and internal auditors help by bringing in a systematic, disciplined approach to evaluate and develop the efficacy of risk management, control, and governance processes set in place in the company. Following are some of the common approaches used by internal auditors – 

  • Analyzing Operations
  • Reviewing Compliance
  • Recommending Controls
  • Assuring Safeguards 

CIA training offered by reputed ed-tech platform like MyLogic Business Management School offers extensive training via live online classes with expert faculty. The online classes and faculty interactions play a key role in driving home the above mentioned principles if internal audition. Hence, CIA training is not only limited to enabling students clearing the CIA exam but also producing well-rounded professionals with strong foundational knowledge about their field and work. 

Job Role of A CIA (Certified Internal Auditor)

Internal auditors are mainly consigned with the task of keeping the processes and implementation of the strategies in the organization in check to meet with the organization’s goals and objectives. This can be majorly classified as Operations Analysis and Compliance Review. 

The CIA course also equips professionals to evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of current controls to make sure that the controls in place can accurately mitigate the risks that can threaten the organization. Once the evaluation is done they offer control recommendation keeps the organization on its course.

Protecting the assets of the organization is also classified as one of the most common job role for an internal auditor. They examine the guards an organization has in place to protect its assets, and gauge whether the appropriate measures are in place. 

Career Options as a CIA

Once candidates have completed their CIA training and qualified the CIA course following are the most common jobs you will be hired for based on your experience – 

Entry-level Internal Auditors - Auditor, Auditing Specialist, Risk Assessment Specialist, Internal Controls Auditor, Information Systems Auditor

Lead Internal Auditors - Senior Internal Auditor, Lead Internal Auditor

Internal Audit Supervisors - Audit Supervisor, Audit Manager, Risk Manager, Project Manager, Internal Audit Director

Internal Audit Executives - Finance Director/VP, Chief Financial Officer, Controller 

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