Benefits of pursuing CFA course

Benefits of pursuing CFA course

Enrolling for the CFA course and becoming a Charter holder can transform your career opens up job opportunities across the finance sector from a risk manager to a private wealth counsellor. However, pursuing the course is a massive commitment and requires 

  • a minimum of 1000hours of graduate level of studying 
  • attempt and clear three rigorous examinations
  • four years of relevant work experience
  • adherence to the code of ethics and standards of professional conduct

The CFA course is very demanding and will take 4 years of your life to complete it. However with the right kind of support and training the preparation process can be easier. An ed-tech platform like MyLogic Business Management School will not only to add value to your preparation journey but also make it smoother and less stressful. 

Every course has its benefits however since CFA particularly challenging the question is if the ed results are of being a chartered financial analyst worth it? 

Below are a few benefits you can count on once you become a CFA – 


The CFA title or designation adds immense value to your job profile and resume. Since it is a tough course earning the charter not only demonstrates your strength in subject matters but also in areas like work ethics, discipline and analytical abilities.   

Better Job Prospects

Becoming a chartered financial analysts may not guarantee a job at the end of the course however, it will surely open up several job opportunities in various areas of finance. The in depth knowledge gained through the CFA training and course in areas of investment analysis, asset management, financial modelling, portfolio management and other finance and investment related areas will make you one of the best candidates for the job. CFAs are often the common choice and are preferred over MBA in several investment firms.

Higher salary and compensation package

With a CFA certification in your kitty it is possible for you to enjoy better pay packages. Investment firms and other companies that value CFA holders tend pay the CFAs well recognizing the knowledge and skill they bring to the table. However, it is essential to combine your CFA certification with relevant work experience while looking for higher salaried jobs. 

Career Growth and Networking

Pursuing CFA course gives you the opportunity to be part of CFA societies worldwide. This is an exclusive advantage for CFAs who have access to ample resources and networking opportunities with CFAs across the world. CFA societies also post relevant job opportunities that are specifically for CFAs giving you the chance of landing a dream position.


CFA training and CFA course is undoubtedly demanding however the certification also offers several benefits that can further your career. 

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