7 Key Reasons to Pursue ACCA

ACCA as you may be aware is the ‘Chartered Certified Accountant’ Qualification offered by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA). ACCA is one of the most widely recognized professional qualifications in the finance and accounting domains. ACCA is a highly respected and sought after qualification in places like India, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE and across the world.

However, ‘WHY ACCA?’ is an important question to consider before signing up for the course. 

So, here are top 7 reasons on why you should pursue ACCA:

International Standards  

While doing this course you learn International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and International Auditing Standards (IAS) that are recognized on a global level and give you more accessibility to apply for jobs across the world. This puts you on a better scale than those who are locally qualified with rules and regulations applicable only to a specific region.

Great Flexibility

The ACCA exams are held four times in a year- in the months of March, June, September and December. This schedule is particularly very flexible for students and employees considering they can schedule their examinations according to their calendar requirements. A maximum of four papers can be taken in a sitting and up to 8 distinct examinations can be taken in a year. The pass percentages of the exams range anywhere between 30% to 40%, which is relatively better and achievable for students.

A Comprehensive qualification

The ACCA qualification majorly trains Joanne five fundamentals topics - corporate reporting, management accounting, audits and assurance, financial management and taxation. This allows you to choose your area of specialization especially in the professional level papers where you are given an option to select two of the advanced level papers on topics that are either relevant or comfortable to you.

Professional status

Globally, employers understand and respect the ACCA qualification. In Finance circles, this qualification is considered prestigious and ACCA members are valued for their knowledge, ethics and professionalism.

Additional Qualifications

During your ACCA journey, you can further get a B.Sc (Hons.) in Applied Accounting offered by Oxford Brookes University, London. You can also complete the 13 ACCA papers and then apply to get an M.Sc in Professional Accountancy conferred by University of London.

Cost Effectiveness

Contrary to the popular belief that ACCA is expensive, ACCA is more of an investment. The fee would still add up and equal or sometimes even be lesser to the investment you would make into an MBA or CFA/CA course. On an average this course would cost you INR 4-4.5 Lakhs. Also, as an ACCA Fresher you are likely to end up in an average salary of INR 4-6 Lakhs per annum giving you a payback of one year to regain your investment and earn much more till the end of your career because of the priceless skills that you gain through this course!

Employer Partnerships

The ACCA have almost 8000+ approved employers in their network who offer job opportunities to ACCA students/affiliates/members. ACCA work closely with the employers in this network to broaden job prospects for its members

Hence when you study ACCA, you open yourself to a world of new possibilities! You choose your path, mold your career and you have enough support and flexibility that allows you to do so!

Choose a learning partner for ACCA Training to ensure you efficiently make this journey a resounding success. ACCA training will give you the support and able guidance of faculty who have treaded this path successfully along with ample practice questions, lectures and more.

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