5 Tips to prepare for CIA exam

5 Tips to prepare for CIA exam

Certified Internal Auditor exam is conducted by the Institute of Internal Auditors at different Prometric centers across the world. CIA exam is one of the toughest to pass, however with consistent preparation with a realistic study plan you can clear it in just one attempt. 

CIA course is perfect for those working in audit or aspiring to do so. Often times those pursuing the course are already internal auditors looking to take a leap in their career.  Hence, working professionals pursuing CIA course have to balance a busy workday and scheduling study time efficiently. This is one of the biggest challenges candidates have to overcome or circumvent to prepare for CIA exam.

Enrolling with MyLogic Business Management School is a good start for those struggling with packed schedules or to keep up with their study schedule. The ed-tech platform simplifies the preparation process and meets the students at the point of their need. Students enjoy the customization option of the learning process in terms of online study videos or live online classes with faculties. The support and guidance received from experienced faculties is unmatched while preparing for the arduous CIA course. 

Below are a few additional study tips that students and professional pursuing the CIA course can apply to make the most of their preparation journey – 

Lean on the IIA – The Institute of Internal Auditors is the best resource you will find for CIA preparation. As an IIA member you can visit one of their local chapters and enquire about CIA exam and get their expert tips on how to best prepare and tackle the exam.  

Assess your knowledge – As a working professional in the audit sector you are bound to be familiar with several auditing concepts. Hence, it is best to focus on newer, unfamiliar topics to get an all-round understanding of all the concepts covered in the CIA course. A full understanding of the concepts covered in the CIA course is crucial to competently attend the CIA exam. 

CIA exam review course – A CIA exam review or preparation course is vital while preparing for CIA. It is the best method to quicken your study process and retain information without wasting much time. Choose the CIA preparation course that is best suited for your style of learning for best results. 

Practice questions – Practice questions and mock tests are central for any exam prep. They will give you a full picture on where you exactly stand in terms of preparation and if you have more studying and practicing to do. It will also reveal the weak spots in your preparation which is very helpful for well-versed preparation. 

Study research – Research is an ideal way to tackle complex topics that are difficult to understand. Spend enough time exploring the topic for better understanding rather than knowing concepts just for the purpose of the exam. 

These simple tips are sure to help you make the most of your preparation time and ace your CIA exam. 

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