5 Tips to Crack ACCA Examinations

Passing the ACCA examinations would give you a worldwide recognition as a Certified Chartered Accountant. ACCA training and certification also gives rise to a plethora of opportunities in different fields and in several countries across the globe like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait.


Most students however wonder about the difficulty of the examinations. Of course, a professional qualification that is so widely accepted is going to be a journey that is not so easy. However, with robust ACCA training, your highest levels of sincerity and dedication plus some tips and insights into the course, we can ensure you have better chances at cracking the examinations.


1.   Syllabus and Study Guide


The ACCA website has a detailed ‘Syllabus and Study Guide’ that clearly mentions not just the areas to be tested, but outlines on what exactly is required of the candidate. It mentions the extent to which knowledge in the exam area is required in 3 levels classified into


Level 1: Knowledge and comprehension

Level 2: Application and Analysis

Level 3: Synthesis and Evaluation


These levels are usually mentioned in superscript next to every syllabus requirement.

A student has to ensure that while he completes one area of the syllabus, he would be able to meet the requirements mentioned in the ‘Detailed Study Guide’ section of the document. This would help answer questions relating to that section in the examinations. It is essential to cover the entire range of topics given in the syllabus without ignoring any area.


Remember, the Study Guide is your detailed checklist for you to self-analyze your readiness, in a particular syllabus area. It can be accessed from the ACCA Website for free!


2. Practice Adequate Questions


Most students, in their bid to study for the examinations, spend a lot of time in ACCA training that covers topics from the Study Workbooks of the Approved Content Publishers. However, the key to passing the exams, is to ensure you devote adequate time to practice exam standard questions.


The more you practice, the more you familiarize with the way you are questioned in the exams. It is not only about attempting questions, but understanding from the answers as well, as to how the examiner requires your answers to be formatted and presented. Do spend more time on trying Past Papers available again for Free, on the ACCA Website.


3. Technical Articles


The Examining Team, from time to time, release relevant Technical Articles on the ACCA Website for every paper. These articles give deep insights into the topic and try to deal with current trends and issues as well. MyLogic’s ACCA training encourages students to mention a point or two taken from such technical articles, which is going to score you brownie points in your examination.


After covering every syllabus area, it is ideal for a student to look up the relevant technical articles and make notes, so he/she can use it in their answers. Yet again, this is a freebie offered by ACCA in their website.


4. Focus on Question Requirements


Often faced with scenario based questions, especially in the Professional Papers, most students jump head onto the scenario without understanding the requirements. On the one hand, there is limited time during the examination and on the other, there is a need to format and present an answer that proves your knowledge to the examiner.


Effective ACCA training will enable you to always take a look at the ‘Requirement’ before you read the scenario, and make a note of the relevant points while reading the scenario, instead of heading back twice to the scenario, wasting precious time thereby. Every minute in the Exam could be a mark you earn!


5. Instructional Verbs


The Examiner always uses ‘Instructional Verbs’ while framing questions. They expect the student to adhere to the requirement and not digress. If the examiner asks you to ‘Evaluate’ – you are required to weigh the pros and cons of the situation. Merely stating points without explaining is not going to help gain marks in the exams. It is therefore, essential to plan answers per the instructional verbs used.


Reading examiner’s answers for past papers will help you understand these instructional verbs better.


We hope these tips would be helpful for students from Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait, UAE and around the world to crack ACCA Exam! Good Luck! J



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