fenil 12 April 2020 at 16:52 PM

Josie James, a customer of Mac’s Jewelry, a publicly-traded company, placed an online order for some high-value jewelry. Mac’s shipped the jewelry. However, over a period of several subsequent months, periodically Mac’s also shipped to James several other high-value pieces of jewelry that she had not ordered or paid for. The billing address on the packing slip for the shipments was always different, but the shipping address was always James’s address. James returned several shipments, refused several other shipments, and contacted Mac’s customer service department about it multiple times, to no avail. The customer service personnel would not allow her to speak to a supervisor, and the unordered and unpaid-for jewelry kept coming. What should James do about the situation? a) Keep all the jewelry and sell it on eBay, because legally it is her right to do so. b) Continue returning and/or refusing the shipments. c) Register a complaint on Mac’s hotline, available via the Internet. d) Contact Mac’s external auditors and alert them to investigate. 

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