Why Pursue a Finance Skill Development Program

Why Pursue a Finance Skill Development Program?

Possessing the right set of skill for the job is crucial to grow and excel. The two key elements companies and recruiters look for in candidates is the right attitude and skill-set to match the job roles that are available. 

What is skill? Why is it important for a finance career?

Skill is simply defined as the ability to do things well. It is also popularly known as expertise. Skill with regard to finance would be for students and professionals to possess the competencies or skill required to perform their job with excellence. Some of the most common skills a finance professional must possess are 

  • Accounting skills 
  • Finance Concepts
  • Analytical thinking 
  • Technology 
  • Written and Verbal Communication

Excelling in these basic skills have now become the minimum requirement for students as the first step to secure a job in today’s cut throat economy. Unfortunately, many graduates and finance aspirants are not proficient in either one or many of the above mentioned basic skills. Some maybe competent in Accounting and finance concepts however may lack in Technology or Written and Verbal Communication. Such uneven preparedness from students lead to a lopsided job market filled with unemployment despite many job openings. 

Finance Skill Development Program

Skill development programs are an excellent option for a well-rounded learning before stepping into the job market. Candidates spend months looking for jobs and trying to get placed but they lose out on several opportunities because of the lack of skill. Enrolling in a Skill Development Program with MyLogic Business Management School, a global Ed-tech company that offers specialized, international finance certifications will make a big difference in your job search journey. 

The skill development program is designed with the end goal of equipping students to secure a job in a leading MNC. This includes targeted technical training of finance concepts that will be used for the job on a daily basis combined with technology and soft skill training. These courses are central to bridging the Campus to Corporate skill-gap while confidently facing the challenges in executing the day-to-day tasks ultimately to help professional build and sustain a long-term finance career. 

Some of the core offerings of the skill development course – Certified Operational Accountant is the time invested by experienced faculty towards 

  • Evaluation of knowledge, domain & technical skills, behavioral skills, etc. 
  • Career Counselling & Certification
  • Interview & Job selection

The quality time spent with MyLogic’s faculty and mentors is an asset gained for life. The skills learnt from the course will extend beyond a job offer or the current job role to your professional life as a whole. A skill development program for 3.5 months will add compounded value to your finance career rather than spending a similar amount of time on a job hunt. 

Choose Certified Operational Accountant course and invest your time wisely! To know more call us at +91-8800336720.

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