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Finding Opportunities with ACCA: Examining Programs and Infrastructure

Joining the fast-paced field of finance with an ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) credential opens up a world of opportunities. Finding the ideal ACCA program and organization is essential to success. Mylogicvideos explores the variety of ACCA courses that are offered and the educational institutions that offer them. For individuals pursuing a career in accounting, finance, or auditing, ACCA provides customized courses that align with their objectives. Together, we can sort through the many choices and select the ideal ACCA course to further your career goals.

Why Learn?

After finishing the ACCA course, students are accorded a number of benefits. The primary benefits are outlined below. Students receive a globally recognized certificate, opening doors to opportunities in each of these nations. the breadth of employment options in more than 180 markets and accreditation from 80 global organizations.
Within the Big 4 MNCs, ACCA is highly sought for. Students have the opportunity to work in senior positions that are crucial to strategy. This is among the most cost-effective methods for obtaining an International Professional Qualification. 
ACCA offers specialized help through its 100 locations worldwide, although being coordinated from the UK. The course is applicable in any nation since it includes information on country-specific laws and taxes. Studying ACCA offers a lot of flexibility, and students will be able to complete their ACCA certification along with graduation. 

Who Should Study?

? Students who are interested in a career in Accounts, Finance and Auditing. It has a flexible and student-friendly examination system helping students who are doing their graduation along with ACCA. 
? Students who are in the Accounting line get various exemptions from exams. Thus students with BCom or MCom will get the certificate with fewer exams to give.
? Students who want to do accounting, finance or auditing jobs in big 4 MNCs must do ACCA. 

Exemptions from ACCA

Those who hold a degree are excluded from taking part in the ACCA exams. The following lists the ACCA exemptions:

Passing Class 12: Students who successfully complete Class 12 will not need to enroll in the ACCA Foundation Diploma course. Students with no formal schooling are eligible to take this exam.
BCom or MCom degree: Graduates with these degrees are excused from taking ACCA Knowledge level exams, which include Financial Accounting (FA), Management Accounting (MA), and Business & Technology (BT). Additionally, they will not be required to take the Corporate and Business Law Skill Level Exam.
Clearing the Chartered Accountancy exam: Students who pass the exam will receive a 9 out of 13 paper exemption. As a result, knowledge and skill levels will be totally excluded. Students will only be required to take the four professional level exams. 
Clearing the CA IPCC: After passing the CA IPCC, students must take the eight ACCA exams. Business & Technology, Management Accounting, Financial Accounting, Taxation, Audit, and Certification are the only four exams that will be excluded. 

ACCA Coaching at MyLogic

MyLogic offers well crafted & interactive ACCA coaching that covers the above-mentioned subjects in detail with adequate practice of exam standard questions. Currently, we offer two kinds of coaching- ACCA Live Online Classes and a Self-Learning Platform(SLP) to suit students per their requirements and timings. The Live ACCA Classes are held on a schedule that averages 60 LIVE coaching hours for the Applied Knowledge papers and 75+ hours for the other papers. Our reputed and highly experienced faculty offer student centric ACCA Coaching using ACCA Approved Publishers Materials

The Self-Learning Platform is an initiative by MyLogic in partnership with ExP,Uk, to support working professionals and college students who may find it difficult to attend Live classes. Under this method, we offer pre-recorded videos and an interactive Dashboard that helps plan and measure progress towards completion of each paper. Further, we offer a ‘tutor-on-call’ facility for the students to clarify their doubts from our Faculty Team.

MyLogic’s ACCA training is built to help candidates excel in their exams. The well-rounded approach applied by our team, simplifies and makes it easy to break down the complexities of ACCA exams.


ACCA Journey Mapping: Enroll Now for a Successful Financial Future

Choosing the right educational institution to start your adventure with is the next step after looking through the variety of ACCA courses. There are several alternatives, from well-known education institutions to specialist training facilities. Make an informed choice by taking into account elements like study materials, instructor experience, and international recognition. Choosing the correct course and institution is the first step in your ACCA journey. Enroll now to open the door to a successful career in finance. With confidence, begin your ACCA study and set out on the path to a successful financial career. Your future as a chartered certified accountant is waiting for you.

ACCA Course Structure


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