According to a 2020 survey, women make up more than 60% of all accountants and auditors, but just 33% of women serve on management committees. The disparity between women in accounting overall and in leadership positions is not surprising. The public accounting industry has a reputation for overworking its personnel, which has often discouraged women who must balance family life with career advancement. However, if you are a career-driven professional, you must be tenacious to make it work. 

Make your own path. 

As the accounting profession already has a difficult pipeline, we must work together to address the issues that are inhibiting people from entering the sector, one of which is a lack of diversity, equity, belonging, and inclusion. 

Women have more challenges in a male-dominated culture than their male counterparts. As many people have discovered, it is typical for women to take time off for maternity leave and transition to part-time work, damaging their career potential in comparison to men who do so less frequently. Making your schedule will help you to fulfil your career goals while also meeting the needs of your family. 

Define your professional success. 

A flexible professional path will not be well received by any traditional public accountant. As you grow older, you'll understand that your notion of success was just different from that of your co-workers. Finding personal fulfilment in meaningful employment while playing an active role in your family life is what defines success. Redefining a successful professional path and embracing an unorthodox approach will assist women in accounting in achieving a comparable balance tailored to their preferences and needs—and thriving as a consequence. 

Invest in your education. 

While you are typically pressed for time throughout your career, Continuing Professional Education (CPE) programs can be a fantastic way to complete CPE credit requirements and keep current as the profession evolves. You must devote your time to furthering your career by picking courses for practical application and demonstrating your professional competencies. While collective action is required to address the industry's gender prejudice, women can position themselves for long-term job progression by investing in education. 

Speak up and be an advocate. 

However, one of the best ways to improve yourself as a woman in accounting is to help others. Even when participating in senior leadership choices, you must always remind yourself of the importance of being confident with your credentials and being at the forefront of essential debates. It's a chance to advocate for and celebrate workplace diversity, which fosters innovative cooperation and improves company performance. The more diverse the voices in the discussion, the more effective the dialogue and employee recruitment and retention. 

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