US CMA Or CMA India Which Is The Right Course For You And Why

US CMA Or CMA India - Which Is The Right Course For You And Why

Choosing a finance certification is the first step to grow in your career. Several courses like US CMA in India, CPA, and ACCA etc. are gaining immense popularity among finance students and professionals, especially those who want to become the business leaders of tomorrow.

US CMA in India or CMA India

Certified Management Accountant certification is offered by the Institute of Management Accountant to help candidates enjoy a future-proof career. CMA USA in India is also a quite popular. Employers around the world are aware of the inevitable requirement for CMAs to meet their business needs. 

On the other hand, Cost and Management Accounting, India is offered by the Institute of Cost Accountants of India. The course aims to train students to work in varied industries and corporate functions with ease.

CMA USA vs. CMA India

Students and professionals who are looking to solidify their finance career with a strong foundation are often conflicted in their choice between CMA USA in India and CMA India.

Both certifications are equally recognized and are more or less the same, with respect to knowledge and skills gained in the course. Although both certifications can advance your career, here are a few basic differences that might help you make the right choice.

  • US CMA is an internationally recognized certification however CMA India is limited to India
  • US CMA course is based on international standards of accounting (US GAAP & IFRS) while CMA India on the Indian standards of accounting (Indian GAAP)
  • CMA USA in India can be completed within a short span of one year whereas it takes a minimum of 3 years to clear CMA     India
  • Eligibility for CMA USA is Class 12 pass or a bachelor’s degree, and for CMA India it is only Class 12 pass.
  • Students have to clear only 2 paper in CMA USA whereas CMA India requires students to clear a total 20 papers
  • The global pass percentage for US CMA is 50% while for CMA India it ranges between 3% to 10%
  • The passing percentage for CMA USA exams is 360/500, and for CMA India it is 40% for individual papers and 50% aggregate in each group.
  • Article ship isn't applicable in CMA USA; however it is part of the program for CMA India.
  • CMA USA focuses on Cost Reduction, and auditing, while CMA India emphasizes on Cost Control

Considering that the two respected courses almost cover the same topics, the choice between the two heavily depends on students’ aspirations. If you are looking to establish a global career with international companies and MNCs US CMA in India is probably a better fit because the course is based international accounting standard. However if you are committed to Indian GAAP and Indian corporate law then CMA India is the course for you. 

If you are still, struggling to pick a course that best suits your future career goals contact us for a free session of academic counseling with experts in the field. 

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