Top must know about CMA exam essay questions

Essay questions are a stress point for many students when they decide to crack the Certified Management Accountancy examination, USA. Since the CMA exam grading system contains Multiple choice questions or MCQs 75% and Essays 25% , it calls for one to be equally proficient in both the areas. The main reason behind say section stress  is the fear of the unknown and of course the understanding that it is quite a daunting procedure to crack it successfully. MCQs are mechanically or computer graded. The essay sections are graded by trained and qualified knowledge experts. Graders use an approved scoring rubric so that the grading is objective and consistent.

Essay section of CMA USA examination focuses on testing students –

Examination content knowledge 

Proficiency in content required to be prepared for CMA USA is essential for both Multiple choice part and essay questions. Students should consider reading relevant resources, watching video tutorials or lectures and additionally spend sufficient time in answering practical questions with essays in the form of mock or practice tests. Mocks or practice questions help students apply theory and concepts  they have learned. Answering and practicing is more than just memorizing facts, hence it’s vital to learn up the material in such a way so that when you are asked to apply in practical scenarios ,you are capable of doing so. Choose any reputed and reliable mock test or practice test provider and start your scheduled practices in a disciplined manner. Some platforms also provide students a simulated exam environment on their computer which helps them familiarize with exam patterns firsthand.

Student’s ability and skill to apply theoretical concepts in practical and real business scenarios

Learning and knowing theoretical concepts does not give enough proof about your application ability. Essay questions however test the way of concepts applications from the practical work force perspective. From the application level when you dig deep into essay questions you should – 
  • Read! Read! & Read ! CAREFULLY to understand what the examiners are expecting.
  • Identify and link back to major concepts being tested in your mind.
  • Keep a track by identifying keywords which can make your response to the point. It is a good idea to brainstorm and note as many relevant keywords smartly. Further use the keywords noted and include them correctly in your solution.

It also aims to test how clear and logical are student’s writing skills.

CMA USA examinations do not test your technical writing abilities. So, it’s smart to focus on simple and clear writing styles. Do not pile up your writing with unnecessary vocabulary. Instead choose a logical path because CMA is looking for clear expressions in terms of essay question solutions. Choose to – 
  • Write correct spellings, proper pronunciation.
  • Always choose clarity and double check your solution.
  • Organize effectively in terms of beginning paragraph, middle paragraph and ending paragraph.
The key is to plan and develop actionable strategies to gain the maximum possible benefit of smart techniques. The following best strategies will assist you deal with your anxiety and of course crack what you wish to-
  1. You need to stay absolutely calm and positive. If you get afraid , you would lose out on maximum advantages and take the risk of becoming too nervous to perform in this section.
  2. The key is to gain points wherever possible. So, one such area is showing your assumptions and working notes on-the-go. You have the advantage of earning partial credits in the CMA USA examination for work and assumptions.
  3. You can expect 3-6 questions for each essay scenario given to you.
  4. It’s really important to keep a track of the time you will require for responses. You have the option of scrolling between questions and scenarios within the  essay section so that you are able to relate well. It also helps you assess how much time you would need for responses.
  5. Always and only do what is asked for in the question and avoid deviating from providing extra information. Be to the point.
  6. You need to be very focused. Pay close attention to verbs. For example, if the question or essay says – compare or contrast etc.
  7. Do not spend too much time defining something.
  8. Always make it a priority to read the entire question to understand it deeply and cater to what’s required.
  9. Stick to using standard English language.
  10. Stay well organized and deliver clarity in your solutions.
  11. Examiners are inclined towards effective writing. So, make it a point to deliver the same.
  12. You may also choose to use bullet points to keep your solutions short and precise.
  13. Try avoiding leaving your questions blank. Always strive to at least deliver a rough outline or structure of your main points if you run short on time.
  14. Prioritize to show your work because it’s a good space for graders to distribute your grades there. Never take that power away from yourself ,utilize it well.
  15. Use up all the resources available to you specially – TIME. Plan and structure your delivery according to your time frame.

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