Tips for Landing Your Dream Job

Tips for Landing Your Dream Job

There are many established finance firms and multi-nationals in India that are always planning and executing growth plans to meet the needs of their respective markets. The growth in the economy and among companies is more prominent in the post pandemic phase. Growth and expansion inevitably results in increased finance job opportunities in the market. It is up to job seekers to make the most of the opportunity and crack the interview and seize the opportunity. 

Recruiters are looking to find the right person with suitable skill set for the right job. The pattern of hiring and then training employees is slowly being replaced with the hiring highly skilled and proficient professionals for the job. Hence, to secure the job you aspire for it is essential for you to be skilled in the same. 

MyLogic Business Management School recognizes the need to skill students and freshers who are looking to start their career with popular MNCs. Students are often well-versed in the subject matter however they are inept on the job. The skill development program – COpA – Certified Operational Accountant skills job seekers specifically for the job helping them not only secure the job in a leading MNC but also excel in it. 

Below are few more key means to pursue finance jobs with leading MNCs – 

Work on your resume – Having an effective resume highlighting your skills and abilities along with your achievements will go a long way in securing a job. A good resume should not only be a reflection of your professional accomplishments but your complete personality. This is a great way to stand out from your peers. 

Networking – Networking is an underrated skill that can benefit you in the long run. Forming genuine connections in the finance industry and with employees in MNCs will keep you in the loop for any upcoming vacancies, referrals etc. 

Mentor – Having a mentor in the financial sector is essential for a successful career. He or she will be able to guide you in making tough career decisions and choosing the better path for a long term finance career. 

Unique qualifications – It is important to learn to adapt the knowledge and learning you have picked up in college or while working in a different job role to the finance job you are interested in. Since, this is unique to you and your experience it will set you apart. 


Pursuing specific professional goals takes a lot of determination and patience. These few tips are a great way to get a head start towards your desired career. 

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