The 8 Billionth Baby on the Planet is a Finance Professional ?

Nov 15th 2022 was a red -letter day when the 8 Billionth Baby was born.

It is an occasion to celebrate diversity and its shared responsibility for wellbeing of all of humanity and its attendant concerns.

What ails the World

A reality check of today’s world may show:

  • Wars between Russia Ukraine and trouble brewing with China-Taiwan, North Korea-South Korea/Japan, Iran, Turkey etc.
  • Hunger-Poverty for about 70 million people.
  • Pandemics and diseases
  • Climate changes leading to Floods, Hurricanes, drought, wild fires, as never before.
  • Social Inequalities

How this may be remedied

While these global challenges are by far really getting beyond the critical levels and of course some efforts are being made by countries, organizations and UN Bodies. But it is perhaps not enough to turn the tide.

India has now taken Presidency for 2023 of G20 with the theme One Earth, One Family, One Earth. This is quite in sync with India’s age-old philosophy of Vasudeva Kutumbha.

We should grab this leadership opportunity to bridge the gaps in the Digital Divide, Social Inequalities and sustainable development.

COP 27 held recently have spoken about acting on war footing , to recognize and action what is essential on reversing the damages to environment and win the war before it’s too late.

Finance Professional to take the pole position

As we all know the Finance Professional is a custodian of funds in a Corporate, Govt Agency or any organization for that matter.

Funds availability being scarce, have to be put to optimum use. Business acumen, so much ingrained in a Finance Professional must facilitate best use, fight for furtherance of societal goals and to act as a champion of growth not only for the Corporates but society, country and world at large.

Standards on Business Responsibility & Sustainability Reporting(BRSR) have been set up to create awareness and drive the mission forward.

Thus, Finance Professionals needs to arm themselves to support and lead the way, as never before.

Here’s wishing that the 8 Billionth baby is Finance Professional or Finance aspirant!

This article was written by " SriKumar Gopinath, Formerly Director with JRSCA Consulting & Advisory Pvt Ltd ,Independent Director (IICA)and managerial roles with Volvo /Tata Motors and many more “

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