Significance of CMA USA training in Covid Back ground

In the wake of Covid 19 affecting industries across the globe , shaking the share markets the basic questions are like how long this will continue and what is the way out .

The unpredictable yet fast spreading Covid 19 is still ruling the roost across the planet, creating heavy losses in both life and economy. Only a handful of countries would be able to show some small growth in GDP during the year and even in these nations, there will be no limits to the drudgeries of the disease.

After the things start settling then it is anticipated that there will be enormous shut downs of companies , lay offs , cooling period and so on . In other words it’s going to be competitive and survival of the fittest .

When it comes to finance industry the survival will be easier for finance professionals as they posses specific skill sets in finance . The immediate action you need to take is to capitalise this breakdown and start preparing for professional courses .There are number of professional courses among them the key would be CMA USA program ( )considering the lesser time it takes to complete.

Less than a years time it can be completed as there are only 2 papers and globally around 45% passing rate .

Now the next question is to how to persue this in this lock down period .

The easiest and proactive measure is to start attending online classes or Self Learning Models

In this model a student can pursue from the comforts of their home and study and pass.

Logic School of Management through provides training for CMA USA, CPA USA, ACCA , CIMA and other Indian courses like CA, CS,CMA      

Sometimes the breaks are for change utilise this time to enhance your professional qualification

All the best!


Vinod Chandran

[email protected]  


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