Remote Testing for US CMA Exam

Discover what Remote Testing for US CMA Exam is all about

Considering the current surge of Covid cases across the globe, ICMA has introduced a remote testing initiative in response to the pandemic proving that it is here to stay. This decision will dramatically change IMA's future as US CMA courses are in high demand globally. In this article we will discuss the new developments IMA has introduced.   

ICMA is excited to provide Certified Management Accountants and candidates with a brand-new remote testing option for the January/February 2022 examination session. CMAs can also test in person at Prometric Test Centers or remotely with Prometric's Pro-Proctor TM services starting January 18, 2022 and all tests are the same price whether they are taken remotely or in-person.  

Since ICMA's testing partner uses the remote testing tool to give exams via remote proctoring, it is important to understand the technology and space requirements before deciding to use remote testing.  CMA exams can be taken anywhere in the world by using remote proctoring, if the candidates are located in an eligible country and your test location and equipment comply with Prometric's standards. You may be able to take this exam if your test location and equipment meet Prometric's standards.    

Accessibility- Except for some countries abroad, remote proctoring is available everywhere, though in some cases, it will be based on the native language. Note, though, that the internet connection in some countries and parts within countries may not be steady enough to conduct the exam remotely, that local technology and firewall concerns may make it more difficult to test remotely. It is the responsibility of the candidate to ensure they meet technical requirements and test their internet connection. 

In most cases, remote proctoring is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; however, candidates may not be able to select the date and time they prefer; if this is the case, choose another time window. Tablets and smartphones are not compatible with Pro-Proctor.  

The US CMA exam availability is determined by the following factors:


It is imperative to start the exam 30 minutes before your scheduled appointment if you wish to complete the prometric security check-in process. Occasionally, delays occur. You will be given the full amount of time to complete the exam if this happens. In addition, if you take a break while being checked back in, the time counter will continue to run while you are being checked back in. Time spent during the initial security check-in will not affect your exam time.  

List of things to check

 Take care of the following points before you start remote proctoring a test: where The candidate chooses a testing site that is well lit, has a closed door, is free of background noise, and is free of distractions. You must remove all materials from your desk and surrounding area so that the camera has a clear view of the entrance to the room.

Test results 

Within six weeks of taking the CMA exam, you will receive your exam results by email and on your online profile. 

Schedule a new date for the exams

This can be accomplished by switching from in-person proctoring to remote proctoring, and the candidate will need to cancel the session currently in progress. To schedule, visit, select "Reschedule/Cancel" from the "Actions" panel, and finally select "Schedule" under "Remotely Proctored Exam" and note there may be charges associated with rescheduling.  


To switch to remote proctoring, you must register for an exam at a prometric test center and contact Pro-Proctor technical support if you already have an exam scheduled at a prometric test Centre.

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