Pursue CMA US along with Academic Studies

Pursue CMA US along with Academic Studies

It is extremely challenging for students to define their professional goals. The interest varies according to the subject. Not everyone is certain or has worked out their job path while still pursuing their academic studies. Graduation is an important milestone in the route of a profession that shapes the future. Graduation is not enough if you have limited awareness of industry trends. Yes, we're referring to your B. Com. You picked B. Com because you believe you have an aptitude for business and commerce, namely accounting. But do you believe that completing your B. Com will offer you an advantage in accounting or business? You're aware of this, right? Unfortunately, completing B. Com with a high grade will not guarantee success in an accounting job. You must think further and be more alert.

When it comes to alternative employment opportunities for a commerce graduate, the most frequent ones are CMA US, MBA, M. Com, and CA to mention a few. Among these, the CMA US is a notable worldwide course in management and accounting. In comparison to other academic and professional courses, CMA US is one of the recommended career alternatives during or after B. Com due to its wide acceptability, employment prospects, affordability, shorter duration, and higher pass rate. It has been observed that if we manage to complete CMA US with B.COM we will be able to earn at least 33.33% more than each non-certified accountant.

Some applicants opt not to take the test early because they are unsure whether the CMA US certification would be relevant in their professions. If you haven't decided where you want to go with your career yet, it may seem difficult to justify all of the effort and study that goes into preparing for the CMA US test, especially if you don't need that certification at all. Many students are unsure whether they should enroll in CMA USA programs before or after graduation.

The thought process:
  1. Determine the Advantages of US CMA Certification:
  2. The first step is to assess the advantages of acquiring this certification. Many of these have already been discussed in this piece. The perks for students may differ from those for persons who are currently employed. Before you make a selection, you must first assess whether they are appropriate for you.

  3. Comparing Accounting Certifications:
  4. Most candidates will then compare this accounting certification to others to confirm it is indeed the one they desire. If you are still a student, you should invest some time in this study to ensure that you are selecting the certification that corresponds to the job path you intend to pursue after graduation.

    If you've decided to take the CMA US exam and earn your certification, but you're still a student, how can you qualify with the IMA? If you are presently enrolled in a learning institution and have not yet graduated, you just need to demonstrate to the IMA that you are a student. During an academic year, you must be registered for at least 6 credits every semester. Then, within 7 years of completing the CMA US test, you will email the certification of your degree to the IMA. The advantage is clear if you opt to enter management accounting immediately after graduation. The test course delves deeply into costing analysis, internal controls, corporate finance, and financial management, all of which are relevant and useful for junior financial and business analysts. This knowledge will be useful to you in your new employees regularly. If you move right from college to your CMA US certification and a job, you'll have a leg up in the competition. It will also give you priority consideration for specific employment jobs and promotions as they become available. According to statistics, those with a CMA US certification have a better chance of getting hired than those who do not.

    While studying BCom with CMA US, students may gain an extensive foundational understanding of numerous financial and management accounting disciplines. However, enrolling in CMA USA seminars after graduation has its own set of hurdles, particularly if you are a working professional. If you are still in college, you should enroll in CMA US classes as soon as feasible.

  5. Improved Memory and Information Retention:
  6. It is commonly known that the capacity to learn and retain knowledge improves with age. Most (but not all) students are young since many people join college directly out of high school and at the beginning of their careers. If this is the case for you, you may find it simpler to learn and retain knowledge. Our book-smartness begins to deteriorate when we graduate, due to age and the fact that we have a lot on our plates in our daily life. Consider the additional responsibilities you must manage, such as spouses, children, loans, mortgages, domestic tasks, employers, colleagues, clients, and professional initiatives. There won't be many brain cells left over for studying. This is why students should take the test while they are still fresh and free of these duties.

  7. Improved Mentoring:
  8. It is typically simpler to locate mentors in college than in the business world, where your future boss may or may not be as helpful. Many others at college are going through the same thing, or have recently gone through the same thing, and they are eager to assist you to gain a head start in your career.

  9. IMA membership and exam fees have been reduced:
  10. Students pay substantially lower IMA membership and test costs than professionals. You are qualified if you take at least 6 credit hours of courses in the previous semester. Please keep in mind that this discount will expire after you graduate.


It is not necessary to have a background in commerce or accounting to obtain CMA USA certification. Professional certification in the different areas is the finest method to pursue a career in commerce. As a result, students who have completed their 12th grade in any subject can enroll in the CMA USA Course. As a student, one advantage of studying a CMA USA course is that you will only be needed to pay cheaper test costs with IMA, as well as the possibility of obtaining IMA scholarships.

Overall, the CMA US curriculum aids in the transition from college to the working world. This is merely another perk or benefit for students who choose to take the exam early.

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