Pros and Cons of Pursuing Certified Management US CMA Course Career

What is CMA USA?

Certified Management Accountant (CMA) is a professional certification credential in the management accounting and financial management domains. The certification confirms that the person has been imbibed with knowledge in the areas of financial planning, analysis, control, decision support, and professional ethics. IMA’s syllabus for CMA USA infuses the skills required for person to take on the responsibilities of increasingly strategic roles for a project or companies from a finance perspective.

The Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) based in USA was founded in 1919 and offers the CMA course across the globe. It is a worldwide association of working accountants and financial professionals. CMA USA training is made possible in countries like Sweden, Italy, Sudan, Amsterdam, Malaysia, Turkey, India and many more.

Eligibility is completion of graduation and two years of work experience in relevant field.

Importance of CMA USA

Thomas L Friedman wrote in 2005 The World is Flat, which became an International best seller.

The book explained  the impact of globalisation and is most relevant in today’s s world and times.

As evident the pandemic has seen worldwide turbulence and all the countries and their economies are still grappling with the same.

In this backdrop, it is imperative that professionals should look towards securing a global certification like CMA (USA) to equip oneself for the future.

Pros for CMA USA

·         As CMA (USA) is a global certification it certainly offers a window to the world as the certification is recognized worldwide

·         The MNCs are spreading its wings across different countries; the job opportunities are also borderless

·         Home countries would also offer multiple openings as the developed countries would set up offices in emerging economies and thereby CMAs  would gain

·         Quality Standards set up by CMA (USA) would give help establish governance norms

·         Growth in CMAs career would be resultant due to growth and well being of the corporates


Cons for US CMA

·         CMA(USA) would face tough completion from Chartered Accountants(ICAI) which offers a rigorous Course on similar lines of the CMA(USA)

·         ICAI provides an exclusive Certification authority of Financial Statements/Tax Authorities

·         Statutory Auditors in India have to be qualified Chartered Accountants under ICAI

However, despite the above, CMA (USA) can still play complementary roles in Management as Key Management Personnel.


Today’s business environment is like sailing in a ship in choppy waters. There are numerous risk factors-political risks, operations risks and business risks.

In order that the organisations succeed and perform well, they need to be led by competent captains who are familiar with the waters, its perils and inclement weather conditions, so that it not only survive but navigate smoothly with least turbulence but efficiently as well.

Just as the competent captains at the seas, US CMA professionals do possess the competence and capability to lead corporates with requisite skills, domain expertise and precision.




Currently having a Sole Proprietorship Firm styled as G.SRIKUMAR & Co.

Currently with JRS & Co, Chartered Accountants, as Director (formerly Partner for 10 years) in charge of the Bangalore Branch. The Firm has 5 offices (Bangalore/Kochi/Kollam/Trivandrum/Dubai). The Firm offers services of Accounting/Auditing/CFO Services and Taxation Advisory Services.

Holds Independent Director Role with TJL Ltd for last two years.

Holds Governing Council role in an E Education LLP

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