Popular Job Opportunities after ACCA

Popular Job Opportunities after ACCA

The business world is marked by rapid growth and fierce competition. Having an edge over your peers is critical to a successful career, especially when seeking top job positions. Occupational fields such as Accounting, Tax Consulting, Auditing, etc. are on the rise and competition is fiercer than ever before. Aspirants seeking to make their professional debut often seek ways to improve their earning potential by expanding their domain knowledge in advance. The ACCA qualification is one such path that is embraced by many professionals, as it is a globally recognized, respected, and valued qualification.

One of the most prestigious accounting organizations in the world is the Association of Certified Chartered Accountants. The qualification offers career opportunities both domestically and internationally, as well as the ability to move up the corporate ladder to higher positions. 

In addition, the qualification paves the way for a myriad of well-paying and exciting careers in the financial sector. Following completion of ACCA, you can pursue the following lucrative career paths:

Management Accountant

Management accountant assess financial reports, especially business and operational cost. Their job responsibilities include preparing reports, budgets, financial statements, variance analysis, forecasting budgets, and supervising accounting technicians.

Corporate Treasurers

The responsibility of corporate treasurers is to make sure that large financial institutions maintain a positive capital balance to meet their monetary obligations. They are tasked with arranging funds for company expansions, helping to shape financial policies and strategies and managing risks effectively. In addition, corporate treasurers can be responsible for evaluating financial markets and mergers and acquisitions.


Generally, an auditor is responsible for reviewing and looking at the already prepared accounts and balance sheet for any error; they also ensure effective risk management, control, and governance by analyzing reports, finding loopholes, and recommending risk abatement measure.

Tax Consultant

They are mainly employed at a professional accounting firm and they advise on tax law, planning, and compliance on a local and international level. They are also responsible for assisting the firm with meeting its tax requirements. The role of tax consultants includes preparing tax returns, researching tax laws, consulting with clients regarding tax obligations, explaining tax issues to the client and preparing tax returns and to make sure clients are compliant with their tax obligations.

Credit Control Manager

Credit Managers play an important role in the finance department to ensure that invoices are paid on time. They manage the credit control department, formulate credit policies for the company, prepare credit notes, negotiate terms with third parties, review and report on aged debtors, ensure creditworthiness, etc.

Compliance officer

A Compliance Manager ensures that a company's operations are legal, ethical and meet its goals. The compliance officers are in charge of developing compliance programs, evaluating company policies, and providing management with advice.

Advisors, CEOs, Financial Officers, etc. - The list goes on and on. In addition to countless lucrative career options for ACCA graduates, they can also find employment in renowned multinational corporations anywhere in the world because of the degree's recognition.

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