Studying for Professional Exams: How to Deal with Sleepiness

The preparation process for any exam, specifically those that require professional certifications, such as CMA USA Course, CPA USA Course, ACCA Course, and other finance certifications, involves several things running through our heads. Especially on the day before the exam, we tend to dwell on a lot of negative things, and because of this ongoing marathon in our minds, we panic in the exam hall, and as a result, we fail to utilize our valuable time to the fullest extent possible to achieve success.

It is common for students to work hard for months to prepare for their exams. It is unfortunate, however, that when exams are approaching, most students cannot perform well because they exhaust themselves physically and emotionally. 

 In order to stay fresh, one should take ample sleep before exams so that their minds remain fresh, and one won't forget what has been learned. Sleep deprivation has been proven to affect your ability to pay attention, remember things, and lose interest in studying in general. Here are some tips for coping with sleepiness while studying.

Don't let it affect your normal routine

For aspirants, the first step is to stop panicking on test day. They should not view it as an uncanny ritual but treat it as a regular day to maintain their sanity. Any unwanted pressure will negatively impact their performance. Test days should be treated the same way as other days in order to succeed.

Sleep like a baby :

Getting a full night's sleep will allow you to focus better on your studies and you should sleep at least seven hours each night. Comprehensive sleep helps your mind relax and allows you to concentrate.

Intensive study at shorter intervals

When students study for two hours or more at a stretch and take a few hours for a break, they often complain they can't concentrate again afterward. Keeping your study time short is one of the most effective ways to avoid falling asleep while studying, as you will be physically and mentally tired when you do it at a stretch, which will make you feel sleepy while you do it.

Get up from your chair, walk around the room, drink some water, and get back to studying after a few minutes. This will refresh both your mental and physical health. As a result, you'll be able to concentrate much better and work more efficiently.

Take breaks every so often 

Continuous study in one place becomes very tiring, and continuous study can cause you to become bored, which is why you should take short breaks in between long study sessions. When you have a break, you can go for a walk or do other activities that will help you relax. You can then concentrate on studying more effectively.

Take part in peer-to-peer learning by:

It is engaging to work in a group that is participatory, and it gives you a chance to challenge each other's understanding of the subject matter and help each other grow. You will focus more on studying when you sit in a group of peers with the same goals, and at the same time, you can clarify each other's doubts.

Additionally, this will help you stay active while studying by keeping you aware that your peers are watching you, and expecting your attention so that you will become more involved in the process and achieve more efficiency.

 The group will also help you to understand the concepts much more clearly and faster. This is because everyone has a specific area of interest and knows a topic better than you. As a result, you will be able to better comprehend and remember them more effectively as you engage in more discussions.

Ensure that you eat a healthy diet

Healthy eating throughout the day affects your energy levels in a positive way. Follow a diet plan, which can be found on the internet or by consulting a nutritionist. Eat vegetables, fruits, and high-protein foods to maintain a balanced diet.

Keep yourself well rested:

By reading only and attempting to comprehend the reading materials, there are increased chances of falling asleep or forgetting what you have learned. Therefore, taking notes keeps both your mind and your body active while studying. This will stop you from feeling sleepy, thus you can take a power nap between your long study sessions to relax your mind and body.


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