Learn more about why CMA USA Certified Professionals are in high demand in India

Learn more about why CMA USA Certified Professionals are in high demand in India?

Certified Management Accountant is a program offered by the Institute of Management Accountants, USA, which combines work experience, strategic thinking, and financial expertise. Data collection and analysis can be transformed into dialogue necessary for strategic planning and forecasting by these professionals. With CMA USA, one could learn all of that and more when it comes to corporate finance, management accounting, and decision-making.

Why Indians are clamoring for CMA professionals

In addition to being a globally recognized certification, the CMA USA certification can open up various doors for holders, and here are some of the top reasons why taking the CMA course is the right move you could make.

An edge over the competition

 Globalization has made Indian accounting and finance professionals compete not just with their Indian peers but with those from all over the world. Survival in business depends on having the edge over your competition.

Foreign direct investment policies and corporate cultures in India have been liberalized, making it possible for multinational companies to set up shop in the country, but these companies' culture and standards of work differ from those in India. To work in top MNCs and big firms, it's imperative for Indians to pursue global courses like CMA. These globally recognized qualifications provide the necessary qualifications to become an asset to the finance department.

An excellent compensation package

A CMA member is also entitled to a higher salary than those who are not certified. According to a study conducted by the CMA Foundation it stated that Indians with a CMA certification make more money than those without. A CMA qualification in India will earn up to eight or ten lakh rupees per year, while in the USA it may earn 70,000 dollars.

Opportunities for global employment

Having a CMA certification can make you more competitive in terms of salary and job title, and Certified professionals tend to hold higher positions in their management hierarchy when compared to those without one. Every company needs someone like that for its finance department. The right credentials open up opportunities for lateral and executive roles at large corporations including Chief Financial Officer, Chief Investment Officer, Forensic Accountant, Risk Manager, Financial Analyst, Financial Controller, etc.

Many Indians over the years have hyped up courses like CA, CS, etc., but these courses have a major disadvantage since they only apply within the country's borders. CMA USA is a competitive online course that is not restricted to a single location. These are global courses that are accessible to numerous countries, and if you are interested in traveling the world or settling abroad, then CMA USA is the ideal course for you.

Ease of taking exams for students

CMA examinations have a very straightforward pattern and structure where candidates can register according to their convenience and they have 100 multiple choice questions and two essay questions. During the examination, you can select a convenient window for yourself from the available options, and if you fail the exam, you can reapply within six months. Through comprehensive study material, teaching methodology, and mock exams, there are many coaching institutes that will train you to pass the exam in one attempt.

Working professionals or students pursuing other courses can take CMA in their spare time, invest some time each week, prepare for the exam, and pass; CA requires full-time attention and preparation.

An extensive alumni network for certified professionals

A membership with the Institute of Management Accountants, US, the institute that offers CMAs, not only provides all of these benefits, but it allows you access to a vast network of other CMA professionals around the world, as well as a global cohort that leads to access to top finance professionals, better job opportunities, and mentorship opportunities.


Since CMA is a relatively new course, it has been in existence for many years and has constantly evolved to keep up with the constant changes in business environments and accounting practices. Multinational companies look for CMA professionals because of their strategic thinking and ability to stay up to date with industry changes. 

With its global reach and recognition, this certification is highly sought after by big multinational companies and its versatility and demand make it highly regarded in India.

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