Learn more about value added courses while enrolled in CA

Learn more about value-added courses while enrolled in CA

There is a growing level of competition in every professional field in India, and chartered accounting is no exception. Being a Chartered accountant, is one of the most highly regarded professional degrees not only in India, but around the world, where hopefuls spend a great deal of time and energy preparing for the CA test with the best CA coaching. Despite some students' struggles to complete CA, there are others who strive to take additional courses related to CA in order to improve their worth and add value to their resumes. A lucrative and enticing career will await those who complete this course, but obtaining an additional certification will always give them a competitive edge. The following additional professional courses might be beneficial if studied alongside.

Certified Financial Planner

Financial Planning Standard Board is an Indian government-approved organization that deals with financial matters and organizes and supervises the Certified Financial Planner program. This course also provides advanced knowledge in taxation, advanced financial planning, investment planning, and risk management, which is critical for companies like ICICI Bank and Standard Chartered Bank. Therefore, this is a wise choice among professional courses to take after the high school.

NSE Academy’s Certification in Financial Markets

This program is organized by the National Stock Exchanges of Mumbai and is a great addition to your CA certification. In addition to demonstrating your understanding of the financial industry, NCFM accreditation proves that you have an in-depth understanding. By taking the NCFM course, you will be able to understand a wide variety of security market ideas, such as merchant banking, share trading, derivatives, and many more, and you will be able to acquire any skills that match your interests.

Certified Internal Auditor

An individual may take the Certified Internal Auditor examination at any CIA testing center anywhere in the world since the CIA program is organized and monitored by the USA Institute of Internal Auditors, which is based in the United States. There are multiple CIA tests offered throughout the year, and by earning this credential, you qualify as an expert in internal auditing, a qualification that is often required by reputable companies in the country. It might be a wise idea to pursue CIA and CA together in order to increase your career prospects.

Certified Public Accountant

Certified Public Accountants are one of the most prestigious accounting programs in the world because the test is administered by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, an organization that is the world's foremost in accounting. The value of having both a CA certification and a CPA certification is much greater than the value of having only a CA certification.

Certified Financial Analyst

The Chartered Financial Analyst credential is another internationally recognized and essential credential that teaches you how to manage investments and manage portfolios effectively. The Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts of India, which is regulated in India, offers a remote education program that gives you a deep understanding of the foundations of the investment sector. It is extremely helpful for CA applicants to take the CFA tests, which are held four times each year, in the growing financial industries of banking and insurance.

Financial Modeling

Having a background in financial modeling is a must-have skill these days, especially for anyone interested in careers such as mergers and acquisitions, investment banking, equity research, etc. and will give you the opportunity to learn spread sheets and how to create financial models for various purposes using your technical knowledge. CAs wishing to practice should also have strong financial modeling skills that are useful for preparing project finance reports for clients looking to raise capital.


It is a globally certified management accountancy program with recognition in most countries and aims to develop business and people management skills rather than simply making the student financially literate. It offers a fast-track route for CAs who wants to enjoy exemptions. Moreover, MNCs increasingly seek professionals who are globally qualified.

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