Leading Career Options In Finance Majors

Leading Career Options In Finance Majors

Money is an essential part of every business, and a career in financial services puts you at the center of money management. A career in finance is an investment in knowledge and will open the door to numerous exciting opportunities, including places you may have never dreamed of working before.

It is wise to formulate a career plan before pursuing any financial certification. The type of finance career that can be pursued depends on your interests, academics and professional's work experience, if any. Planning and preparing for a more specialized career role can increase your career growth potential. Choosing a career should, however, be based on balancing  relevant factors to ensure that one's skill set, areas of professional interest, and career goals are aligned.

Here are some of the top trending, highly-acknowledged, and highly desirable careers within Finance:

Financial Accountant

Accountants are one of the most desirable job options in the Banking and Finance industry. They oversee the company's financial statements and organize their records to ensure smooth sailing. They evaluate important financial parameters, evaluate the company's standing in terms of metric designed, review, report, and make meaningful statements to various shareholders regarding the corporate's business activities.

Financial Manager

Finance managers keep an eye on the finances of an organization. The manager should find ways to reduce costs, offer recommendations on the company's financial condition, help other leaders to understand data, comply with laws and regulations, and think of innovative ways to accomplish long-term goals Finance Managers will also direct the individual to help keep the company's financial goals on track.

Personal Financial Advisor

The role of a personal financial advisor is to advise individuals on how best to invest their money based on their own situations, such as retirement plans, insurance protection, and real estate planning. Advisory firms talk and listen to clients to understand their needs and the risks they are comfortable taking. They also explain possible options and answer questions so the client can make an informed decision.

Loan Officer

Lending officers are frequently employed by banks, mortgage companies, and auto dealerships. When a borrower needs a loan, these professionals collect information to determine his or her eligibility and then verify the information the borrower provided. Their goal is to inform people about the differences between loan types and thoroughly explain the terms of the agreement so they fully understand the terms of borrowing money. An individual with in-depth knowledge of technology can be in the best position for this role besides sound knowledge about banking, business and sales.

Risk Analyst

The Risk Analyst is responsible for managing unpredictability and preventing losses. A risk analyst identifies and analyzes the potential threats to a company's assets, forecasts change and future trends, and estimates the cost to an organization.


Finance is an interesting career path that can provide both, the traits of a well-educated businessman as well as a competent advisor or consultant who could assist firms and companies in making informed decisions. The world of business is dynamic, which means that those working in it should always be up to date with continuous learning via finance certification courses and making sure they understand the repercussions of everything they do.

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