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An accountant's acumen is essential to the success of a company since accounting is the language of business and if you consider that professional accountants can be employed in almost any capacity, ranging from being an individual proprietor to being an executive or upper management individual within an organization, the number of roles can vary greatly.

The need for accountants has always been constant and inevitable in almost every industry. Their demand is always increasing and spans many industries, whether they are in the public, private or non-profit sectors. Accounting jobs can offer you a wide range of experience, from preparing financial statements and reviewing them to analyzing budgets to tax work to advisory and consulting services.

It will depend on the job description and certifications that an accounting professional holds that will determine the salary compensation for the professional. As in the case of government jobs, salary compensation increases with increasing experience in the field of finance and accounting, and starts at two lakhs and rises up to ten lakhs with an extensive allowance list. Promotion increases the salary. 

It can be difficult to choose among the different careers in accounting, especially if you aren't interested in a particular niche. For example, if you are looking for highly lucrative and well-respected accounting career options, you can always rely on the job profiles of some of the most lucrative accounting positions.  The following are some of the leading career opportunities within the accounting and finance domain designed to give you a sense of the roles and responsibilities of those pursuing careers in these fields.

Financial accounting

Accounting is a key function in any organization, and knowing you are assisting managers to make sound monetary decisions can be satisfying. The field of financial accounting can be personally fulfilling as well since you get to apply your analytical and problem-solving skills to improve a business' fiscal health. Accounting for financial information prepares financial statements for external users, such as shareholders and creditors, to ensure that the information they receive is accurate, timely, and relevant.

Public accounting

If you decide to pursue a career in public accounting, you will develop skills in all aspects of the field. As a public accountant, you are responsible for providing financial and accounting advice to a variety of businesses, organizations, individuals, nonprofits, and governments. In case you are interested in developing and applying multiple accounting skills, it is one of the more lucrative accounting career options.

Managerial accounting

Managerial accounting is also one of the highest-paying careers in accounting and finance. It is a very rewarding career option for accounting students. For this, you should get the CMA USA certificate, the most suitable career path in this field. As part of their job, they provide executives with financial and operational intelligence, implement cost-based planning, forecast, oversee the product process, and optimize enterprise operations.

Tax Accounting

Providing tax-related accounting work, consulting, and preparing tax returns for individuals and companies will be your primary responsibilities in tax-related accounting. In this type of accounting, tax returns and tax payments are prepared. In order to ensure the company does not overpay or underpay taxes, the goal is to make certain that the correct amount of tax is paid. Accountants who specialize in tax law and regulations ensure their clients follow the law and minimize their tax liability, as well as advising clients on tax planning and business structuring.

Forensic accounting 

Law enforcement forensic accountants are among the fastest-growing jobs. An expert opinion on legal matters in court is provided by forensic accountants who use accounting skills like auditing to investigate fraud. The reports of forensic accountants are scrutinized by judges, attorneys, and juries in court, so they need to be very detail-oriented.

Accounting in the public sector

Government accounting professionals are responsible for managing funds for spending by the government, which can be a very rewarding career option for accounting students. 

Generally, government accounting involves reporting requirements for municipal, state, and federal governments. Government accountants provide financial services to government agencies and organizations in order to ensure that these entities are transparent in their financial dealings and spend taxpayer money wisely. 

Informatization and technology accounting

It has become increasingly popular to pursue careers in technology and accounting, and accountants who specialize in technology and information use systems to organize and report financial data. An individual who is a natural problem solver and interested in identifying technology solutions is ideal for this role since it requires both accounting and information technology knowledge. 

Public accounting

In public accounting, the financial statements and records of public, government, and non-profit organizations are examined and the accounting practices of these organizations are monitored for compliance with generally accepted accounting principles. They also have the opportunity to work with a variety of clients and different types of businesses, which can be challenging and interesting, as well as provide tax, advisory, and consulting services to their clients.


Auditing careers are stable and secure, as well as well-paying, with the potential to earn huge salaries. Taking this type of accounting career path can be challenging and interesting, as it involves reviewing an organization's financial statements independently for accuracy and compliance with generally accepted accounting principles in order to provide you with a great deal of intellectual stimulation.


While studying accounting is undoubtedly challenging, it also offers lucrative salaries and the opportunity to work in the top-ranking Accounting and Finance sectors. In addition, you can improve your chances by earning certification as CMA USA or CPA USA, etc. Mylogic offers you assistance in earning such certifications and makes you eligible for the most rewarding career options in accounting.

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