Job Opportunities Available for CFPs in India

Job Opportunities Available for CFPs in India

“Make your money work for you” is a popular phrase used when people talk about their finances.  Certified Financial Planners play the strategic role in helping their clients enjoy a stable financial life by providing them with well-researched and secure finance options. 

Certified Financial Planners’ core job is to work with their clients and structure their investment decisions, retirement plans, taxes, and selecting insurance policies that will be beneficial to them and meet their financial goals. To be able to suggest the best suited investment plans CFPs tend to have in-depth meetings with clients to understand their financial goals and then proceed to research new opportunities and analyze financial information before sharing their insights.

The certified financial planner certification is granted by the Financial Planning Standards Board (FPSB) after a candidate clears the five exams of 6 modules. The globally recognized CFP certification can be easily attained with easy and accessible online training with a reputed ed-tech platform like MyLogic Business Management School. The live online classes offered by expert faculty with extended doubt clearing sessions will make the CFP course preparation journey much more valuable. 

CFP Job opportunities 

With a weighted certification like CFP, combined with CFP training will surely open up several job opportunities in India in and abroad. Currently with a mere 2000 odd CFPs in a market that has a demand for 1 lakh CFPs, this is the perfect certification that offers ample career options. 

CFA job opportunities are not restricted to one sector but are divers and spread across different sectors like Finance consultation, Tax Consultancies, Law Consultancies, NBFCs, MNCs, Brokerage, Wealth Management, etc. Among these sectors the banking sector is the most common with several roles like assistant controller, treasurer, credit manager and case manager. 

The CFP course also prepares candidates to start their own consultancy firm and offer services like tax planning, insurance advice, debt management and more. 

CFP Job Profiles

Once you qualify the CFP course and go through CFP training you are well equipped to work in high profile jobs like Financial Advisor, Wealth advisor, Cost Analyst, Portfolio Manager, Client Service Associate, Financial Planner, Mutual Fund Admins, etc. 


CFP training and CFP course not only imparts knowledge about the subject matter covered in the course but also adds the soft skills and other expertise required to be an in-demand CFP. Some of the vital skills required to excel in the role of CFP are communication skills, people focused approach, perceptiveness, creativity and risk-taking abilities.

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