IFRS Course, Career and Job Prospects

IFRS Course: IFRS Career and Job Prospects 

The International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) are a set of accounting rules and regulations that are put in place by the IFRS Foundation and the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB). These standards act as a guiding force that oversees the global accounting activities. It plays a critical role in maintaining transparent and consistent financial statements for companies around the world. 

Transparency, Accountability, and Efficiency are the core philosophies of the IFRS. 

IFRS for accounting students

IFRS is the ideal next step for accounting students. It equips them with the accounting knowledge that governs and is used by companies across the globe. Enrolling for IFRS with a distinguished ed-tech company like MyLogic Business Management School will strengthen your profile and enable you to become a competent global accounting professional. 

In today’s economy companies are looking for and highly value professionals with expert skill, knowledge and expertise that extend beyond borders and are not restricted to just India. They are preferred over other accounting candidates because IFRS training and IFRS course equips them to handle financial operations and situational crisis by IFRS standards. 

IFRS course is not just a fad course in the finance certification realm. IFRS professionals will continue to remain in demand because several countries have adopted the IFRS standards and more importantly the transition to IFRS and its implementation is a very complex and time taking process. Hence, companies require highly skilled IFRS professionals to do the job. Additionally, the regulators execute continuous and consistent modifications to the IFRS standards that require IFRS professionals to stay on top of the changes and make sure the company is compliant in every way. 

IFRS Careers and Job Roles

With the rising demand for IFRS professionals, pursuing the IFRS course and having the IFRS certification will surely secure the future of any accounting graduate. IFRS professionals are commonly sought after by advisory companies that offer accounting advisory services to various firms like audit firms, companies in the banking sector, consultancies etc. Apart from advisory firms the blow list includes all sectors that require IFRS professionals along with other IFRS job options – 

  • Banking and insurance sector 
  • Non-banking financial companies and listed companies are also required to follow the IFRS guidelines since 2011
  • Private consultancy firms, advising companies and clients on how to move to IFRS standard of accounting. Experienced IFRS professionals can also start their own consultancy firm
  • IFRS professionals are also hired as lecturers and professors in the education sector


IFRS professionals working in leading global auditing firms earn a starting annual package of Rs 8 lacs to Rs 15 lac per annum. Some reports also suggests that IFRS professionals earn an average of 16lacs which can go up o Rs 20 lacs plus in some cases and more as you gain experience. Hence, choosing to pursue IFRS training and course is a great career move. 

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