How to get placed after qualifying CMA USA

Students wishing to take up the CMA USA examination in the expectation of landing up a good, stable job. Although getting a job in a developing country is a challenge but not for CMA USA qualified professionals as they generally get handpicked by top organizations due to the authenticity of their skills.

Below are the top ways to get placed after qualifying CMA USA examinations-

Training institute tie-ups-

Many good training institutes have tie-ups with organizations and MNC’s for absorbing their students after they clear professional examinations. Hence when you are off to start preparing for your CMA USA course, it is highly recommended to check the authenticity of the institute you are paying money to for assisting your preparation.

Recruitment houses-

There are multiple consultancies who offer hiring services as they partner with organizations and collect their requirements. When you approach recruitment houses or consultancies, you have the benefit of getting the opportunity to apply with multiple organizations in a short span of time. You get regularly updated about hiring drives and recruitment opportunities through consultants. Recruitment houses or consultancies charge you a fee in exchange for the job. This fee varies across multiple consultancies, so check the terms and conditions before signing up for a job. Also , many recruitment consultancies offer contractual or third-party roles which are also a great way to start or boost your carrier. However, you need to be careful before signing up the terms and conditions of such documents.

Direct company hiring drives-

If you are a person who is socially active and keep a track of the hiring market, then recruitment drives are a great way to land up a great job role. Organizations conduct these drives to hire talent and the advantage of drives is that professionals do not have to pay consultancy or mediator fees. For getting regular updates about hiring drives you need to be active on social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. and subscribe to company pages so that you can get regular updates of what’s happening.

Recruitment portals-

Recruitment portals are modern hiring back-ups explored by organizations. They work with a very user-friendly, online platform that can be accessed anytime and anywhere. Portals ask students and professionals to subscribe to their services for certain durations in exchange for fees. They further keep notifying subscribers about job openings across multiple organizations and help them get their resumes straight to the hirer’s or recruiter’s inbox.


Referrals area. Great way to explore new opportunities or switch jobs. One needs to be in touch with qualified professionals in their network through either college communities of alumni relations so that they can enjoy the benefit of referrals. Referrals not only help companies in relying on the candidate since it’s through a trusted source but also saves costs for the candidate as there is not third part fee involved.

Social media CMA USA job posts-

Social media hiring is very lucrative for the one who wishes to explore this field. It is a trend that is booming in the market. Multiple organizations prefer posting job roles through Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms to grab a huge chunk of applications. One needs to be very active socially on these popular platforms if they wish to land up a job through social media hiring.

CMA USA Internship and pre-placement offers

Internships offer pre corporate exposure to candidates and sometimes also help them bag pre-placement offers. Internships are a great way to explore learning by doing and give an insight into the practical corporate world to candidates. It also helps the organization assess candidates from the delivery and quality aspect. If organizations feel that you have delivered value and added to their kitty in a positive way, they prefer to retain interns as full-time employees when required.

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