How to get an internship at a big company

How to get an internship at a big company

After graduating from a bachelor's or master's degree, an individual may be interested in a position that focuses on large companies. These firms offer very lucrative packages and careers to young, highly skilled, and talented professionals. An international accounting services firm that provides a wide range of services for both the public and private sectors is referred to as a big firm. The company offers Audit Consulting, Internal Control, Risk, and Governance Services, and Other Business Advisories. Apart from this, they also have Corporate Finance and Legal Services.

Their hiring process: how does it work?

Obviously, large companies use their own method of selecting candidates, assessing performance, evaluating experience, and determining other essential criteria of candidates. The majority of them are recruited after university graduations in the middle of the year, when they screen candidates in accordance with requirements and hire continuously. It is necessary for candidates to meet the minimum requirements for the jobs they wish to apply for. Aside from having a strong aptitude and being good team players, these firms also require candidates to be efficient employees as well as to be at the top of their class. Additionally, candidates must prepare for aptitude tests, interviews, and other technical requirements. It is generally their practice to hire through the following scopes:  

The Placement Drive

There are also placement drives conducted by the Big Firms where they search for candidates to fill their positions. The majority of these drives are conducted by the Firm with new entrants, and the Firm works with colleges and institutes across the country to coordinate these drives. A candidate must take aptitude tests, complete several rounds of interviews, and then be matched with the organization's departments. To gain a position at these firms, candidates face intense competition and a long selection process.

In-house referrals

For fresh and experienced candidates alike, one avenue to enter these firms is through internal referrals as the industry is tightly knit and tightly positioned; employees of one firm are familiar with those of other firms. It takes grit, ambition, and a lot of hard work to get a job at one of these big accounting firms. It is common for current employees to be aware of job openings that require specializations and to recommend others for the position. It takes a lot of factors to have someone recommend a candidate to the big firm for the right job position and the right person at the right time. There is a great deal of trust between an internal referee and the candidate when it comes to internal referrals, since the referee’s personal reputation is attached to the candidate’s performance. It is also important to network in the industry in order to be referred to by someone in the firm.

College Campuses

It is common for employees of these services firms to leave after their first few years due to intense work cultures, fast-paced lives, and long hours. After gaining the necessary industry experience, some also move towards a master's or higher degree after gaining the necessary experience in the services industry. Some also choose to enter corporate or other fields of work after their initial years at these firms. Consequently, to make up for positions and to meet the needs of growing businesses, and for human resources, these companies recruit university graduates annually. Through campus placements, companies have the opportunity to directly communicate with outgoing students of universities and offer them positions before they complete their final year examinations. For these campus placements, big firms often approach the country's top universities.

Hiring directly through job portals

Employers can post advertisements with details of their vacancies and the minimum qualifications necessary for candidates to apply for said vacancies on job-hunting portals, and many large firms list their jobs on them. Typically, firms are able to access information about these candidates directly via the interface of most of these portals, such as CVs, cover letters, and recommendations from previous employers or academic advisors. As a result of the initial screening on these portals, HR personnel from firms contact the most qualified candidates, carry out their internal hiring process with them, and reach a decision on employment.


It may seem challenging to get into one of the biggest firms, but it is still a rewarding career option for young professionals in today's job market. Among the most talented and skilled candidates, these firms offer a variety of job opportunities and opportunities with high wages and global exposure. Make your dream a reality by enrolling in Mylogic today.

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