Here are some of the most impressive finance careers you can pursue

It is possible to find employment in finance rewarding if you are working in a field you are passionate about. Along with a decent wage, one of the greatest benefits of such a career is the number of growth opportunities available to you. Here is a brief list of some of the career options available to you in finance, if you are still unsure what to specialize in or just exploring your options before you finish your graduation.

Wealth Manager

Managing a person's wealth is more than just investing. It covers all aspects of their financial life and falls under the umbrella of financial planning. In addition to creating customized investment strategies for their clients, Wealth Managers will also take into account their monetary history in order to create a plan that ideally suits their present and future needs. Wealth managers offer more than just investment advisory services; they can also assist you with tax management and legal concerns. Wealth managers are able to provide services in any area of the financial sector and should have certain credentials, such as certification as a Certified Financial Planner or Certified Public Accountant.

Investment banker

You might be a perfect fit for investment banking if you have strong finance and accounting skills and can work well in high-pressure situations. An investment banker should be a highly analytical individual with strong numerical skills and an understanding of the financial markets.  Professionals such as these analyze the financial history and landscape of a company, and investment bankers provide corporate financing services to a wide range of clients, including startups, established companies, and even governments. Investment bankers, whether working for an investment bank or the investment banking department of an organization, are key players in the economic development and growth of a company, organization, or other corporate entity. There are several investment banking courses available to students opting for an investment banking career, such as Marketing Management and Chartered Accountancy.


The role of a stockbroker is to help investors buy and sell stocks either for themselves or for their clients. They also assist clients with managing their existing investments in stocks and bonds and provide advice on the next moves to make. With a degree in commerce or an MBA in finance, you are eligible to work as a Stockbroker since a Stockbroker may work for themselves or in a consulting role, maintaining their client list and making stock purchases on their behalf.

Compliance Officer

In an organization, a Compliance Officer is responsible for making sure the organization is in compliance with the laws and regulations of their industry, and such professionals may work in public or private organizations to ensure that standards and regulations are met. Compliance Officers monitor and drive compliance management to ensure that companies adhere to applicable laws and regulations, thereby protecting themselves from reputational damage and fines. 

As an internal expert, the Compliance Officer keeps the company abreast of regulatory standards and serves as the link between specialist departments and management, ensuring compliance processes are fully implemented and keeping an eye out for all developments. Likewise, they ensure that information is transferred between management and specialists in a confidential manner while respecting the different responsibilities of each. 

Information Technology Auditor

It is the responsibility of an information technology auditor to take care of a company's technological infrastructure and suggest ways to make it more efficient and productive. He monitors the system to ensure it complies with policies and best practices, and he usually examines the technologies used and identifies any weaknesses in them. Then he prepares a report on his findings and recommends what needs to be done. Additionally, IT auditors can assist with designing and executing internal audit strategies, mentoring IT staff, and preparing audit committee reports. 

Certification in information systems auditing increases a candidate's chance of getting hired faster or securing advanced job positions. Certified Information Systems Auditor and Certified Information Security Manager are two of the most common certifications given in the US and are globally recognized certifications that are approved by many companies. The ideal candidate would have superior problem-solving skills, a thirst for knowledge, and an innovation mindset to work in investment banks, insurance companies, government agencies, or consulting firms around the world. 

Hedge fund manager

Management, investment decisions, and oversight of hedge fund operations are the responsibilities of a hedge fund manager.  As an extremely lucrative career option, managing a hedge fund can be an appealing career option. The manager of a hedge fund needs to be able to have a competitive edge, develop a clear investment strategy, capitalize the fund effectively, develop a marketing and sales strategy, and manage risk effectively. A high-net-worth individual usually hires one to monitor the financial markets and maximize their profits from their current investments.

Logistics Analyst

It is the responsibility of logistics analysts to ensure that a product runs smoothly throughout its entire product lifecycle, including the procurement and delivery of materials. As part of achieving a company’s overall mission and goals, logistics analysts streamline operations and evaluate assets. As part of their duties, they manage inventory, invoice, and track shipments. Additionally, they analyze the most economical and convenient ways for the company to ship and collaborate with air, ocean, and trucking couriers to control the processes. In order to become an analyst, you may want to take courses in supply chain management or logistics in order to increase your chances of landing high-level positions at these workplaces and earning high salaries.


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