Get to know the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA)

Get to know the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA)


Researching and learning about the courses you are considering to boost your career is common yet crucial. However, while learning about US CMA, stepping deeper and knowing more about its official course provider will give you much better clarity.

If you have searched for CMA official website then you would have landed on IMA’s website because they are the official course providers. CMA logo is the same as IMA’s logo as well. There is no separate or distinct CMA logo for the US CMA course. 

Familiarizing oneself with the CMA logo, CMA official website and learning more about CMA’s official course provider – IMA, from the CMA official website is vital to understanding the course and its purpose. This will help you better understand if pursuing US CMA concurs with your career dreams and ambitions. 

US CMA Certification

Certified Management Accountant, U.S. is a leading finance certification course offered by the IMA – Institute of Management Accountants. US CMA course offers several advantages to finance students and professionals in terms of job opportunities – national & international, better pay packages, top management & strategic roles and a lot more. 

The course is crafted by the IMA with much care and passion for the finance field and businesses to meet the growing need for qualified management accountants.  

The Institute of Management Accountants - IMA

The 100 year old institution was established in 1919. It is one of the largest and highly esteemed associations of management accountants that focuses on advancing the profession. CMA USA offered by the IMA is currently available and recognized in 150 countries, and more than 350 professional and student chapters.

The Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) aims to provide best-in-class certification to help professionals make critical internal financial management decisions like including planning, budgeting, decision analysis, risk management, business reporting. 

IMA is also committed to support its members’ in their career development with continuing education, valuable network, and resources. Along with its members IMA also supports organizations in driving business performance by introducing efficient management accountants into the economy.

Management Accountants shaped by IMA play a vital role in enabling finance professionals to raise above shifting business landscapes build successful careers and organizations.

IMA’s extended support 

Qualifying as an US CMA is the beginning of a long standing and beneficial relationship one will have with IMA as one of its esteemed management accountants. IMA has several noteworthy resources on its CMA official website which is exclusively available to its members aka qualified US CMAs. These resources can add immense value to your career in terms of continuous up gradation of knowledge and skill. When the exclusive resources are combined with the ever growing association of management accountants it can be a gold mine for an explosive career.

The elite association of management accountants constitutes the cream of finance professionals across various industries and companies. It is a great place to network and form meaningful professional relationships which are sure to add value to your career.


It will be an honor to be in association with a prominent organization like IMA that contributes immensely to your career growth. Learning more about IMA will contribute positively to knowing more about US CMA course which in turn will make your decision to enroll for the course an easy one. 

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