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The role of a chartered accountant is one of the most reliable and rewarding careers today. It offers expertise in the financial sphere and a vast range of career opportunities. Candidates must upgrade their knowledge and skills to remain competitive and gain higher job roles and salaries from future employers. Therefore, some value-added courses can be taken after your CA certification to enhance your name and reputation.

Investment banking

The most promising career option after CA is investment banking. You can become an investment banker and be appointed by a reputable financial institution where you can hold roles such as valuation analyst, investment banking analyst, etc. An investment banker's salary begins at around 10 to 11 lakhs annually.

Chartered Financial Analyst

With CFA, chartered accountants gain specialization in the financial field, with the program having a large focus on investment management and asset management. There are three parts to the CFA program, and candidates are required to have two years of work experience. The entire program takes four years to complete and can only be completed after graduation. Portfolio Management, Stock Trading, etc are the major areas CFAs specialize in. The pass percentage of CFAs is significantly higher than CA's, and the average annual salary of CFAs is somewhere in the range of 9 lakhs to 12 lakhs.

Financial Risk Management

Candidates who wish to pursue a career in financial risk management after CA must pass both levels of FRM, which happen in May and November. While the course is short in duration, those with no mathematical skills could find it difficult to complete the course. Also, the main job portfolios are Risk Managers and Credit Managers in the banking sector, insurance sector, or consulting firms. An annual salary of a financial risk manager is around 6-8 lakhs.

Company Secretary

CA and CS are very powerful combinations and members of the Institute of Company Secretaries of India can expect to work as legal experts, corporate planners, strategic managers, and so on. When you complete CS, you become an expert in company law and practice and when this knowledge is combined with a CA, it gives you a unique combination as you have both the expertise of accounting and law. It is very important for an individual to possess a skillful CS, due to the number of organizations that require it such as banks and non-banking institutions, registrars of companies, law firms, as well as multi-national corporations, who pay an average salary of approximately 7-8 lakhs of rupees for an individual with CS.

Association of Chartered Certified Accountants

With the ACCA course after CA, you will be able to practice globally and ACCA is a world-renowned accounting and finance body whose excellence is recognized throughout the world for its accounting and finance practices. In addition, the ACCA course recognizes the CA qualification. The qualification can be earned through ACCA by clearing only four exams and can work as a Financial Analyst, Auditor, Accountant, Assistant, etc, and earn a salary of Rs. 6 lakhs per annum.

Diploma in Information Systems Audit

A diploma program called DISA is offered by ICAI for the purpose of ensuring system security and audit and it is conducted under a license obtained from ICASA, and only Chartered Accountants can take the exam. It is now mandatory for anyone who plans to conduct a bank audit or an information systems audit to take this course.

 If you want to run your own practice and do a bank or information system audit, DISA is a challenging course, but essential. DISA is widely recognized as one of the most effective courses after CA for careers as Quality Managers, Information Systems Auditors, Consultants, Project Managers, etc. They can earn salaries between 25,000 and 30,000 a month.

Certified Information Systems Auditor

The CISA certification program is a world-renowned auditing course offered by ISACA which is based in the United States and it is the right choice for CA's who are confused about what to do after CA. There is no doubt that the course will make you the most competent risk-based information system auditor, and it is more valuable than DISA since it is internationally recognized, though the difficulty level is high as it is established by DISA, where people may become internal auditors, IT auditors, or even public accountants and receive a monthly wage of 85000 to 90,000.

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